Campaign: Coca-Cola: close bottling plants in Kala Dera and Mehdiganj
Sustainable Development /Natural Resources - Mon Mar 24 2008
Source: India Resource Center

Support the communities of Kala Dera and Mehdiganj by sending the free fax below to the CEO of Coca-Cola and join the growing community resistance in India.

The Coca-Cola company is in crisis in India. A massive community led movement has emerged all across India to challenge the company for its crimes in India. One of Coca-Cola's single largest plants in India, in Plachimada in Kerala, has been shut down since March 2004 because of community opposition.

Coca-Cola in India is Guilty of:

* Causing Severe Water Shortages for Communities Across India
* Polluting Groundwater and Soil Around its Bottling Facilities
* Selling Drinks with Extremely High Levels of Pesticides

A study funded by Coca-Cola and conducted by Coca-Cola's ally has confirmed in January 2008 that Coca-Cola contributes significantly to water shortages and pollution. The study has also recommended the closure of the bottling plant in Kala Dera.

Communities in India need the critical support of the international community right now to pressure Coca-Cola to do the right thing.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Send the fax below to the CEO of Coca-Cola and join the communities in India in holding Coca-Cola accountable!

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