Globalisation, trade and trafficking in women in Latin America
Norma Sanchís (1)

November 2005

Trafficking in women is not a new phenomenon in the LA region. At the end of the 19th century, the trafficking of European women (“trata de blancas”) for the purpose of sexual exploitation became frequent. The accelerated trend was related to the feminization of migration inside Europe, as well as from Europe to other destinations, like Asia, America and Africa. Grant from the World Council of Churches, November 2005 (This paper will be included in a forthcoming volume on the links between trafficking in women and globalisation to be published by the World Council of Churches).

1. The problem

2. Conceptual framework

  • Conditions for the Traffic in Women

  • The Value Chain of the Traffic in Women

  • Trafficking in women: an open chain

  • International Trade and Sex Industry
3. Mapping Latin American traffic
  • The Central America Region

  • The Caribbean Region

  • The MERCOSUR Region
Conclusions and recommendations
  • Research

  • Public Policies


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The non-economic dimensions of the economy
Basis put forward by Soc. Norma Sanchís for discussion in workshop ”Latin America: An ongoing debate". 10th AWID International Forum - Bangkok, October 2005.

(1) Norma Sanchis is currently a member of the Latin American Gender and Trade Network and coordinator of the regional Training of Trainers Program on Gender and Trade and member of the FIM´s Board (Foro Internacional Montreal). She is also President of the NGO Asociacion Lola Mora, Argentina, and member of several networks, as the Feminist Initiative of Cartagena and the Marcosur Feminist Coalition.

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