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Indigenous Peoples - Fri Apr 23 2004
Source: Mapuche Documentation Center
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The multinational Benetton owns massive amounts of land in Argentina. Most of this land is situated in the south, in Patagonia, and used to belong to the indigenous inhabitants, Mapuches.

Some Mapuche families have been trying to fight back and to live and work on the land. They have been evicted by force. At the moment Benetton is starting a courtcase against Mapuche families that refuse to be thrown off their own land. The courtcase will start on May 7th.

The power of Benetton relies mainly on their international advertisment campaig, that sow how gave them a progressive image. There is nothing progressive about Benetton, they are an agressive multinational trying to make as much profit as possible.

Solidarity is needed. An effective way that people can become active at any place on this planet, is by using their own advertisements. Benetton is present in many places, on billboards, in the subways and at the busstops. And they have some 5000 shops. Those are the places where the true face of Benetton can be exposed, by everybody who wants to get involved. We want to appeal to everybody who does not accept business as usuall to get into action.

We also would like people with creative ideas to use their skills to produce new advertisements that comment on Benetton's real practice. Start making them, and send them to or They will appear on the website, where people everywhere on the world can download them to use them locally. Multinationals like Benetton do not own this world, they only think they do. Together we can stop them

Extensive information can be found on the website


Jorge Calbucura
Centro de Documentación Mapuche, Ñuke Mapu
Mapuche Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu


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