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"Any mechanism for the period following Geneva that does not closely associate civil society and other stakeholders is not only unacceptable in principle, it is also doomed to fail", claim civil society organizations in this statement made at the end of the preparatory process for the WSIS. November 14, 2003. [see more]
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Source: WSIS - Heinrich Böll Foundation

The third meeting of the Preparatory Commitee (PrepCom3) for the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) took place from 12-26 September in Geneva. It was supposed to be the last and most important official preparatory conference before the WSIS summit takes place in December, but it was suspended and reconvened 10-14 November and will continue on 7-9 December. The draft Declaration of Principles and Action Plan were adopted by the PrepCom plenary only "as a basis for future negotiations". With large sections of the text still in square brackets and drafts constantly being changed in intransparent ways, the documents are in a state of disarray.

The decision to reconvene for two further meetings of PrepCom3 was taken against the concerns of a number of developing countries whose delegations pointed out that they lacked the financial resources to send their delegates to Geneva twice in such a short time. They had suggested to instead reconvene for one week directly before the December summit.

The failure of PrepCom3 makes it very likely that the December summit will not come up with a final Declaration but rather with a preliminary paper outlining both common positions and differences. Such a paper might then lay out the foundations on which further debates would take place.

The civil society plenary agreed to start drafting work on an own declaration, separate from and in addition to the official government declaration. This was the latest move in an increasingly critical view by civil society of summit processes and particularly of summit outcomes, as reflected in widespread frustration with the latest versions of the Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action.

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