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To raise awareness on the extent of State Sponsored Homophobia in the world, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intesex Association (ILGA) publishes a series of resources including a world report on homophobic laws around the world, maps by region, videos and much more. [see more]
In ancient times (for example, among the Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians), homosexuality was just another expression of human sexuality, which was not stigmatized or regarded as particularly significant. The modern era and Judeo-Christianity changed this situation, punishing, censuring and banning all expressions of homosexuality.

Today in many countries around the world homosexuality continues to be penalized or discriminated against in law. One aim of the organizations that seek to defend the rights of gays and lesbians is to reform these discriminatory laws, and to get others passed that expressly protect the freedom of sexual orientation and identity (see Choike’s In-depth Report on Sexual diversity and the law). However, activists warn that legislative reforms alone will not put an end to the situations of discrimination and violence that many homosexuals suffer, because they are caused by a generalized homophobia that operates not only through legal channels, but permeates all spheres of society.

Homophobia is a term used to describe hatred and rejection of gays, lesbians and homosexuality. It refers to the fear or refusal of people, organizations, governments and other social actors to confront the reality and specificity of this non-heterosexual sexual orientation.

Homophobia has a direct, and often devastating, effect on the lives of homosexuals, who may suffer discrimination and abuse in their families, at work or in other social spheres. The most extreme form of homophobia is expressed in what are known as 'hate crimes', in which verbal and physical violence, death threats, rape or murder are committed solely on the basis of the victim’s sexual orientation.

These expressions of inter-personal homophobia are often legitimized by the existence of institutional homophobia, which can take different forms: the non-implementation of strategies to educate and raise awareness on issues around sexual diversity; the refusal by state officials to guarantee lesbian and gay victims their right to equality before the law; or direct persecution by state agents, in particular the police, which may include torture and extra-judicial executions.

Homosexuals who suffer extreme forms of persecution, either directly at the hands of the state, or at the hands of individuals or groups, against whom the state refuses to protect them, may be forced to seek asylum in other countries. However, only a select number of countries have national norms recognizing persecution on the basis of sexual orientation as grounds for granting asylum, and no international treaties deal explicitly with this issue.

Gay rights organizations engage in different activities designed to combat homophobia, reverse the impunity enjoyed by both state and private perpetrators of hate crimes, and put an end to persistent discriminatory practices that affect all aspects of homosexuals’ lives. These activities include registering, documenting, publicizing and providing legal support for cases of discrimination and violations of the human rights of sexual minorities, and pressing for the recognition of those rights in international human rights circles.
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Monday, July 05 2010
The state of lesbian and gay rights in the world
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Thursday, January 28 2010
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Thursday, January 07 2010
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