Women against war on Iraq

This report offers an update on Choike's In-depth Report "Women for peace", focusing on the new crisis in world security and peace.

The report includes various declarations against the war from women's organisations, an opinion piece written by a women's rights organisation activist, as well as several campaigns and petitions.

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Sat Jul 31 2010
I support Women against war on iraq. I regret also you have had low visibility becouse all the attention has been posted on the women tat wanted to go to war. As a male, it is embarassing for me to speek with them, but wish you speak loud. Thank you
paolo , Roma ( Italy )

Declarations against the war on Iraq


Arab Women’s on-line petition to stop the war on Iraq

Invest in caring not killing

Every child has a name

"Women to women" letter

Analysis and opinions

Can our collective voices change the future of the impending war on Iraq?

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Women for peace

Resistance to war on Iraq

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