World Social Forum 2009 - Belém, Brazil
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The World Social Forum 2009 took place from January 27 to February 1 in the Brazilian city of Belém, the capital of Pará state and the northeastern gateway to the Amazon jungle region. The global economic crisis and its effects, as well as environmental and climate issues were high on the agenda at this forum that gathered civil society and social movements around the world. Official information: World Social Forum Belém, World Social Forum

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Labour at the 2009 Belem World Social Forum
This was the first World Social Forum (WSF) since the profound financial/industrial crisis of capitalism, late-2008, the consequent labour layoffs, and the desperate and extreme state measures to restore capitalism – largely by throwing obscene amounts of money at the financial institutions that were the immediate cause of the crisis.
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AWID's experiences at this year’s World Social Forum
AWID was represented at this year’s World Social Forum by two staff members: Cecilia Alemany (Manager of AWID’s Influencing Development Actors and Practices Strategic Initiative) and Sanushka Mudaliar (Manager of AWID’s Young Feminist Activism Programme). In this interview they give a snapshot of their participation and experiences.
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That other world
"In Belém, the World Social Forum experienced a seismic internal shift. There was a clear and categorical debate on organizational methodology and strategic objectives. The debate was healthy, and shows that the Forum is dynamic and understands when it needs to reconsider its opinions" writes independent journalist, Diego González.
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News Reports
AWID's experiences at this year’s World Social Forum
Workshop: Justiciability of human rights and democratization of justice
Declaration of the Assembly of Movements fighting to overcome debt domination
Women’s Assembly Declaration - Déclaration de l’Assemblée des Femmes
Challenging IIRSA mega-projects for regional integration
WSF 2009 ends with political resolutions and plan of action
WSF 2009: Climate justice Assembly Declaration
WSF 2009: workshop on plantations
The Presidents' Day
President Lula at the World Social Forum
World Social Forum is not a static platform
WSF: Trade unions call for a new growth model
Indigenous peoples against planetary suicide
WSF Opening March
Housing rights at the WSF 2009
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus (HDHRC)
The Future of the Forum: the WSF Process
GCAP calls for urgent action on poverty in 2009 and launches new report (pdf)
Challenging IIRSA Mega-Projects for Regional Integration (BIC and partners activities on WSF 2009)
The right to adult education at the WSF 2009
Invitation to the World Forum of Free Medias
Jubilee South at the World Social Forum 2009 (pdf)
The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the 8th World Social Forum in Belém (pdf)
Feminist dialogues at the WSF 2009
Social Watch events for the WSF 2009
WSF 2009: crisis as opportunity for "another world"
Habitat International Coalition at the WSF 2009
Labour at the 2009 Belem World Social Forum
World Social Forum 2009: a generation’s challenge
World Social Forum marches on, by Alexandra Strickner - IATP
That other world
The 9th World Social Forum: new pathways and opportunities for the global alter-world project
Declaration of the Coordinator of the Amazon Basin Indigenous Peoples Organization (COICA)
Changing the World in Belém, by Filomeno Sta. Ana
As a way out of the crisis, another world is possible (J.Silverman, Social Watch)
Competing ideologies: Davos v. Belem (Stephen Lendman)
Six steps the World Social Forum must take (ZNet)
Urban movements building convergences at the WSF 2009
Belem expanded: follow the descentralized activities related to the Forum
"The WSF should privilege alternative media."
TerraViva information
"We need to let the World Social Forum evolve"

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