World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings - April, 2006
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The World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings take place on April 22 and 23 in Washington D.C. As in previous years, a program of Policy Dialogues for accredited CSOs is organized by WB's Civil Society Team in cooperation with other teams across the Bank and IMF. These dialogues will be held between Thursday, April 20 and Monday, April 24.

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IMF losing grip On developing countries
A plan by the IMF to shift the relative voting power of some of its 184 member-nations will almost certainly be of no benefit to East African countries, which will remain heavily dependent on loans from the global financial institution. But some analysts say the IMF itself is becoming increasingly irrelevant to parts of the developing world.
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Latin American countries demand increased participation in the IMF
During the Spring Meetings, Latin American countries expressed their concern with regards to the role played by the IMF in the economies of the region. They presented criticism, comments, suggestions and special situations before the International Monetary and Financial Committee through Argentine Economy Minister, Felisa Miceli.
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More power for the powerful? IMF wins mandate for "multilateral surveillance"
The news that the IMF has been given the remit to extend its powers from its present bilateral surveillance of individual country economies to a ‘multilateral surveillance’ of the global economy as a whole, is unlikely to be welcomed by anyone hoping for progress towards more democratic and effective world governance.
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IMF losing grip On developing countries
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