World Social Forum 2006 - Bamako
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The 2006 edition of the World Social Forum it's a polycentric event, taking place in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the cities of Bamako, Mali (January 19-23); Caracas, Venezuela (January 24-29); and Karachi, Pakistan (March 2006). Official web sites: WSF 2006 Bamako, WSF 2006 Karachi WSF 2006 Caracas

Choike's reports: WSF 2005, 2004 and 2003 / See also the coverage of the WSF in Caracas and Karachi

The World Social Bibliography A bibliography on the World Social Forum and the global solidarity and justice movement. By Jai Sen and Peter Waterman, with Madhuresh Kumar, December 2003, pdf format.

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Evaluations of the WSF 2006
Balances and discussion about WSF 2006 polycentric events.
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Appraising the Bamako Appeal
A contribution to the debate in connection with the workshop on the Bamako Appeal held during the Dutch Social Forum in May 2006. By Peter Custers, Pdf format.
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The Bamako Appeal: a post-modern Janus?
"The Bamako Appeal (BA) is a substantial international anti-capitalist document of some 9,000 words, containing a 10-point programme for a global social transformation. It seems intended to do for our globalised informatised capitalist era what Marx’s Communist Manifesto of 1848 did for his inter/national industrial one. The BA was drawn up at a conference organised to immediately preceed one of the tri-continental editions of the World Social Forum, in Bamako, Mali, January 18, 2006". By Peter Waterman, pdf format.
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News Reports
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African marginalised communities make their case
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Bamako: African and European trade unionists demonstrate at the opening the World Social Forum
The spirit of Bandung alive and well in Bamako
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WSF Bamako: "Africa must say no to GMO"
Bamako WSF: promoting the agenda for decent work in Africa, the key to success in the fight against poverty
WSF: Cynicism and hope ahead of the Bamako gathering
WSF Bamako: Will the Bamako meeting tackle Africa's sore spots?
World Social Forum 2006 - Workspace
WSF 2006: defining priorities and common axes
Evaluations of the WSF 2006
Appraising the Bamako Appeal
Toward a global labour charter for the 21th Century
The Bamako Appeal: a post-modern Janus?
The Bamako appeal
Africa and the WSF: From Bamako 2006 to Nairobi 2007
Bamako, by Ana Agostino
...That another world is possible
Debt at the Mali World Social Forum, by Eurodad
WSF Bamako 2006, by Ana Agostino
Civil society must oppose, but also propose
WSF Bamako: from protest to alternatives... and action
Interview: "Bamako roots the process in Africa"
World Social Forum 2006, by Francisco Whitaker

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