News and reports from Mumbai
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Reports and news on the fourth edition of the World Social Forum, which has its venue for the first time in Asia. It is focused on debating the following issues: imperialist globalization, religious sectarianism, identity politics and fundamentalism, castes, racism and social exclusion, patriarchy and militarization.

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Transnational Institute (TNI) on Mumbai 2004
Information on Social Forum Process, articles by TNI fellows, publications, speeches, papers and activities.
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Review WSF Book: "The World Social Forum: challenging empires"
This big orange book is an excellent effort at combining both information and critical reflection on the World Social Forum (WSF) phenomenon.
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Rendezvous at Mumbai
The principal challenge facing the Social Forum project is whether it will be able to contribute to the creation of new organizational forms equipped with the general vision and capacity to simultaneously and systematically pursue the politics of the universal and the particular. By Achin Vanaik.
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News Reports
CRIS Seminar Programme at the WSF
Beside the World Social Forum 2004
Documentary on World Social Forum 2004
Report of the International anti-US bases Conference
WSF 2005 will be held in Porto Alegre
Dignity International's photo gallery
Rainbow Planet lands at WSF
Jobs with Justice photo album
Globalise Resistance
WSF may spark a `political awakening'
Two different worlds overlap
Call of the social movements and mass organisations
WSF just came to an end
WSF ends with flourish
Indian Ocean saves WSF grand finale
Movement injects bold, new spirit into WSF
IndyMedia Coverage
Hunger takes centerstage
Gender and Trade Network seminars
Women take action on international trade agreements
WSF in Egypt in 2006?
WSF overload
The New Standard coverage
Global Unions on the WSF
Via Campesina: rice must stay Asian
Network Institute for Global Democratization (NIGD) programme
HIV/AIDS - A global issue or an African problem?
Globalization begets insecurity, begets violence
Photo gallery
Mid Day newspaper (India) coverage
The Public Eye on Davos
Transnational Institute (TNI) activities at the WSF
Stop debt payments now
Infochange India information on the WSF
Control Arms at the WSF
Global justice panel
The Arab social movement
Physically challenged people demand equal status
Building Bridges between India and Brazil
Place in the sun for everyone -except George Bush, Coke and Windows
Asian activists converge on Mumbai for WSF
A Call Against Arms
Globalisation from Below
IFI related events at the WSF
Book: "The WSF: Challenging empires"
Another communication is possible!
Latin America's poorest activists stay home
New book - "The WSF: Challenging empires"
Globalised media and ICT systems
Feminist events
The many faces of fundamentalism
International Federation for Human Rights at the WSF
Globalization for people
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Mumbai
Workshop on ICT Policy and Civil Society
Building a global migrant rights movement
Corporate accountability and liability
LGBT alternative strategies to exclusionary globalization
Child rights at the WSF
The interlinkages of globalised media and ICT systems
IPS's coverage
Palestinian workers' rights
Seminar: towards the urban way
Seminar on food security, Livelihoods and human rights
International Mining Workshops at WSF 2004
Large self-organised panels
Transnational Institute (TNI) on Mumbai 2004
Review WSF Book: "The World Social Forum: challenging empires"
Rendezvous at Mumbai
Report from the International Council of the WSF
From Mumbai with hope
What someone felt
Outsource this! Job (in) security in the race to the bottom
World Social Forum: is another power possible?
A festival of the oppressed
Forests at the WSF 2004
Migrant rights at the WSF
Neoliberalism, war and the significance of the WSF
WSF: How open? The challenge of dogma
Putting labour back at the top of the agenda
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation papers
Dateline Mumbai: the 2004 World Social Forum
Power politics exacerbates global insecurity
Feminist Dialogues affirms women’s solidarity
Mother of protest Meets targets Uncle Sam
All gov'ts are targets
WSF threatened by giganticism, centralised control
Draft position paper on patriarchal system and human rights
Discussion papers on education and human rights
A people’s social forum
Dateline Mumbai: the World Social Forum 2004
WSF has to be a social international movement
Kenyan activists to put a priority on affordable housing
A background to the African Social Forum and WSF
Feminist dialogues: making global feminist concerns and perspectives more visible
The long march to another world
Politics at the venue: the WSF in Mumbai
The WSF needs to agree on a governance
The World Social Forum: challenging empires
Proposal on DESC
Preparing the feminist intervention in WSF 2004
Workshop on migrants
WSF: Contradictions rise around meet in India

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