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Information and Communication Technologies - Mon Jul 09 2012
Rio+20: An Inside View on the Tough Fight Over Means of Implementation (Finance and Technology)
Although the developing countries, like the developed countries too, accepted the final draft of the outcome document prepared by Brazil, they were in fact very disappointed with the lack of ambition in the section on the means of implementation, with some rightly calling it a step backwards.
Information and Communication Technologies - Mon Jul 05 2010
Using mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa
"SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa" is a book that interrogates the use of mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa. The book’s editor, Sokari Ekine, gave her perspective in an interview with AWID.
Information and Communication Technologies - Fri Mar 26 2010
5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
The 5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training will take place from 26–28 May 2010 in Lusaka, Zambia.
Information and Communication Technologies - Thu Nov 19 2009
APC perspective on the future of the Internet Governance Forum
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is of the view that the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has fulfilled its core mandate in terms of paragraph 72 of the Tunis Agenda on the Information Society to constitute a space for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on internet governance.
Information and Communication Technologies - Fri May 08 2009
WSIS Forum 2009, 18-22 May, Geneva, Switzerland
The Forum will offer participants a series of highest level panels addressing critical issues to the WSIS implementation and follow-up in multi-stakeholder set-ups.
Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Aug 27 2008
Communication experts endorse alternative media
About 120 communication experts, meeting in Accra, have endorsed a blend of modern information and communication technologies with traditional and other alternative media forms to disseminate information for development in the globalised world.
Information and Communication Technologies - Thu Jul 31 2008
Kenya: inside Nairobi, the next Palo Alto?
Nairobi is home to a digital brew that invites optimism about its chances for creating unusual innovations. The city has relatively few wired phone lines or networked personal computers, so mobile phones are the essential digital tool.
Media /Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Jun 04 2008
China's all-seeing eye
Naomi Klein explores China's booming surveillance and security industry, its appeal to Chinese authorities and its significance to the growing culture of surveillance around the world.
Education /Information and Communication Technologies - Fri May 02 2008
Copyright and education in Africa: Launch of the ACA2K network
As the global community marks World Intellectual Property Day 2008 (26 April), an eight-country African research network is being launched with a mandate to investigate the relationship between copyright and education in African countries.
Information and Communication Technologies - Tue Feb 26 2008
Net neutrality bill is introduced in U.S. Congress
The "Internet Freedom Preservation Act", introduced by Democrat Representative Edward Markey, would amend the Communications Act of 1934, American telecommunications' defining legal framework.

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