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Information Resources
International program to empower sub-Saharan communities with the ability to apply information and communication technologies to their own social and economical development.
ACP-EU Civil Society Information Network
The project aims to extend and enhance the appropriate use of information and communication technologies by civil society actors in the ACP and Europe so they are better informed about evolving ACP –EU policies and ongoing initiatives. At another level, by facilitating input from ACP partners into international debate, the project will bring more parity to policy debates and also raise awareness in Europe about ACP development concerns.
An electronic forum devoted to ICTs in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Africa
Africa Technology Forum
A not-for-profit organization, founded with the intention to act as a magnet for African entrepreneurs and companies with interests in Africa to network, exchange new ideas and form bonds that would serve as the building blocks for a new generation of thinking and entrepreneurship.
African Copyright & Access to Knowledge (ACA2K)
The ACA2K Project is probing the relationship in African countries between national copyright environments and access to hard-copy and digital learning materials within an access to knowledge (A2K) framework – a framework which regards the protection/promotion of user access as one of the central objectives of copyright law.
Asia Pacific Development Information Programme
Asian People's Directory
Directory of Websites in Asia.
Balancing Act
Balancing Act is facilitating the development of content for the internet and other new media technologies in Africa that will have an impact on people’s lives and that they will want to use, in the three fields of economic, social and cultural development.
International initiative working with the development community to increase collaboration. They support partnerships by providing advice and assistance on more effective use of ICTs.
Organisation dedicated to help people in developing countries to use information and communications technology (ICT).
Centre for International ICT Policies - Central and West Africa (CIPACO)
CIPACO is a new project that has been initiated by Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) to strengthen the capacity of African stakeholders for a more effective participation in international Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) decision-making processes.
Computer Aid International
Computer Aid's work in the UK is to talk to businesses as they upgrade to the very latest technology and encourage them to donate their PCs to Computer Aid International for re-use in schools and community organisations in the developing world.
Digital Africa - AITEC
They work to assess the viability of two proposed initiatives to lower the cost of Internet bandwith.
Digital Divide Network
A project produced and coordinated by The Benton Foundation, which serves as a catalyst for developing new, innovative digital divide strategies and for making current initiatives more strategic, more partner-based and more outcome-oriented, with less duplication of effort and more learning from each others' activities.
Policy Solutions for the Digital Divide. The online organization emanates from researchers in Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
DOT Force
Digital Opportunity Task Force: Addressing the Digital Divide
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) works to defend free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights. Their work includes providing legal support for individuals whose rights have been violated by the US government or corporations, campaigning, advising policymakers and information spreading.
A group of Tanzanians from various walks of life who have been concerned for some time at the lack of coordination on information communication technologies (ICT) as they impact Tanzania and its development.
Fahamu is committed to supporting progressive social change in the South through information and communication technologies. UK.
It is committed to supporting progressive social change in the South through information and communication technologies.
GuideStar International
GuideStar International (GSI) seeks to illuminate the work of every civil society organization (CSO) in the world. A GuideStar system provides a highly searchable and comprehensive catalogue or database of reports on a country’s CSOs, enabling them to communicate their work effectively and easily to national and international audiences.
Information about the way in which ICANN performs its role as manager of the Domain Name System.
Institute for the Connectivity in the Americas (ICA)
Forum for hemispheric innovation in the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs).
InterConnection is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide no-cost and low-cost professional, affordable websites and Internet technology assistance to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries.
International Conference on Information Technology, Communications & Development
The main objectives of the conference are to learn and also to draw up recommendations for better policies and better projects that benefit people, particularly in developing countries. December 1-3, 2002, Kathmandu, Nepal.
International Institute for Communication and Development - IICD
International Institute for Communication and Development. Assists developing countries to realise locally - owned sustainable development by harnessing the potential of ICTs.
Net Dialogue
The Net Dialogue website aims to shed light on international Net governance and spur public discourse on this emerging body of regulation. The site is intended for the benefit of people in government, business, civil society, international organizations, the media and the public at large.
Regional Civil Society Forum on the Information Society
The civil society forum for Middle East, Central and West Asia will be held by the Iranian Civil Society Organizations Resource Center with the participation of the civil society organizations in Iran at Kish Island from 26-28 August 2003.
Social Science Research Council - SSRC
They are committed to international, interdisciplinary social science that focuses on themes of public importance: from human sexuality to the challenges of globalization, from the impacts of information technology to current transformations in international higher education.
Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN)
SDCN is a group of civil society organizations seeking to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development through broader, integrated information and communications. The network focuses its efforts on integrating Internet communications into broader communication strategies.
The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC)
The EJISDC is a forum for practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of information systems and technologies in developing countries.
The Media Research Hub
A new online resource for researchers, advocates, practitioners, and policymakers working for a more democratic and participatory public sphere.
The OpenNet Initiative
The OpenNet Initiative (ONI) is a collaborative partnership of four leading academic institutions aimed at investigating, exposing and analyzing Internet filtering and surveillance practices. The ONI intends to uncover the potential pitfalls and unintended consequences of these practices, and thus help to inform better public policy and advocacy work in this area.
United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
This initiative is intended to lend a truly global dimension to the multitude of efforts to bridge the global digital divide.
Virtual Activism
Virtual Activism offers free web design, training and services to eligible nonprofit organizations across the Globe. USA.
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 Information and Communication Technologies
International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks
International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks

   Information and Communication Technologies

In 2005, a group of scholars and activists, mostly from the global South, created the Copy/South Research Group to analyse, criticise, and confront the oppressive nature of current global copyright regimes, such as those defended by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and similar ones around the globe.
A network of over 150 civil society organizations in Nigeria comprising of civil rights, grassroots, and community-based Non-Governmental Organizations campaigning for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill and eventual implementation when it becomes law in Nigeria.
Fatema Mernissi web-site about new information technology's (IT) impact, focused on local research on the strategic information-fueled rise of civil society in the Moslem world. Morocco.
International NGO dedicated to the dissemination of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) in developing countries, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.
International Internet Community for Environment, Human Rights, Development and Peace. APC is a major CSO worldwide network in advocating for and facilitating the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) by civil society.

Selected news
Rio+20: An Inside View on the Tough Fight Over Means of Implementation (Finance and Technology)
Mon Jul 09 2012 - Source: South Centre
Although the developing countries, like the developed countries too, accepted the final draft of the outcome document prepared by Brazil, they were in fact very disappointed with the lack of ambition in the section on the means of implementation, with some rightly calling it a step backwards.
Using mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa
Mon Jul 05 2010 - Source: AWID
"SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa" is a book that interrogates the use of mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa. The book’s editor, Sokari Ekine, gave her perspective in an interview with AWID.
5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Fri Mar 26 2010 - Source: e-Learning Africa
The 5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training will take place from 26–28 May 2010 in Lusaka, Zambia.

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