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Hazardous waste trafficking
As the global market for electronic goods expands, and the lifespan of many of those products gets shorter, there has been a rapid growth in electronic waste (e-waste). The UN estimates that 20-50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced globally every year.
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Climate change
The UN Climate Conference in Poznan, Poland failed to achieve any breakthrough towards a global climate deal – a sign not merely of bad timing, but of a fundamentally flawed system that takes no account of climate justice. From binding global emissions targets to the limits of the carbon market, none of the main issues tabled at Poznan were resolved – and the more pressing discussion on how to leave fossil fuels in the ground went entirely untouched.
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An increasingly greater proportion of so-called bio-energy is produced from agricultural crops traditionally used as food and animal feed. The production of nonfood crops for energy production also requires land and water. This creates direct competition for resources needed to feed the world population, of which around 854 million people suffer hunger and malnutrition, the majority in rural areas. The possible impact of agrofuels on the human right to adequate food for the most oppressed and marginalised social groups must be considered prior to applying policies and programmes that encourage the production, investment and trade of agrofuels.
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The international debate on tourism and climate change needs to be widened to include a human rights based approach. This is one of the main messages to tourism leaders formulated by a group of civil society organisations in a discussion paper on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2008. This year's World Tourism Day will be celebrated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on 27th September in Peru.
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GM food
A pest-resistant strain of genetically modified potato, earmarked for possible commercial release in South Africa, will be of no use to local spud farmers, said the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), a section 21 non-profit organisation, based in South Africa. It will also increase risk to the farmer in an already volatile agricultural sector.
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Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN)- Eastern Africa is a network of Community Development Workers (CDWs) who are involved in drylands development.

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Sustainable Development /Natural Resources - Tue Dec 16 2008
Rich nations to blame for climate inaction and rejection of rights
After two weeks of negotiations, United Nations climate talks are closing with rich industrialized countries squarely to blame for failing to live up to their obligations says Friends of the Earth International.
Source: FoEI

Sustainable Development - Tue Dec 16 2008
Poznan statement from the Climate Justice Now! alliance
Members of Climate Justice Now! – a worldwide alliance of more than 160 organisations - have been in Poznan for the past two weeks closely following developments in the UN climate negotiations.
Source: TNI

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