Cairo +15 - International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

Source: Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
Three analysis on ICPD+15: at the Crossroads: Health, Rights and Citizenship; Advocating for Full Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Still and Uphill Battle; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Global Finance - Crisis or Opportunity?; ICPD Agenda Remains Fragmented. November 2009, pdf format. [see more]
The International Conference on Population and Development, ICPD (Cairo, 1994) adopted a Programme of Action that integrates population policies in development policies seeking the elimination of poverty and the achievement of equity, respect for human rights, environment conservation and the empowerment and independence of women. It rose thereof the paradigm of sexual and reproductive health and its inherent rights that has transformed the policy approach at the national level, although big gaps persist to make them fully realized.

The ICPD promotes:
  • Sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development;

  • Education, especially for girls;

  • Gender equity and equality;

  • Infant, child and maternal mortality reduction;

  • The provision of universal access to reproductive health services, including family planning and sexual health.

  • While some progress has been made in several regions, in most cases the scenario is one of regress. Today, 15 years after having generated a new paradigm in the relationship between population and development there is no sufficient political will of governments to translate the consensus of the ICPD into programmes, policies and actions supported with the necessary economic resources to meet the goals for 2015. This situation is aggravated by the current financial crisis that must not be in any way a justification for not complying with the agreements.

    The experiences and results accumulated during the first 15 years are an urgent call to prioritize and intensify the efforts to meet the objectives of the program, especially on sexual and reproductive rights.


    20-21 August 2009, Antigua and Barbuda. Caribbean Sub-regional Seminar ECLAC and UNFPA

    2-4 September 2009, Berlin. Global Partners in Action: NGO Forum on sexual and Reproductive Health and Development - Invest in Health, Rights and the Future.

    16-17 September 2009, Bangkok. Asia and the Pacific High Level Regional Forum on ICPD at 15

    12 October 2009, New York. Commemoration Day during the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly
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    Thursday, November 05 2009
    DAWN's Supplement on ICPD+15
    (Source: Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN))
    Friday, July 31 2009
    An analysis of the 2009 ICPD review
    (Source: IWHC)
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