Campaign: Justice now! ratify to protect all human rights

For the Optional Protocol on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to enter into force, 10 States need to ratify or accede to it. This campaign proposes national level events and other actions in preparation for the UN Signature Ceremony that will take place September 24, 2009 in New York.


Human rights violations occur every day in different countries and regions around the world. The victims all have one thing in common; they are denied access to justice

Take Action Now!

The NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR) has launched a petition in support of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR, asking States of the world to ensure that access to justice and the right to an effective remedy become a reality for victims of all human rights; urging them to become a party to the OP-ICESCR when it opens for signature on September 24, 2009; to ensure that it enters into force as soon as possible; and to take all necessary steps to fully implement the OP-ICESCR without delay. In addition we call on those countries that are not yet a party to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to ratify or accede to this treaty immediately and to also sign to its Optional Protocol in September 24.

We ask all of you as organizations and individuals committed with the enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights to please support this petition, by taking 3 steps:

1. ENDORSE THE PETITION - you may do so on behalf of your organization and/or in your individual capacity.

2. Add information about the petition onto your website and a link to it: In addition please email this information to your networks and partners, requesting that they do the same

3. Collect signatures at meetings, gatherings, events in your community and school etc. A printable version of the petition is available here.

For more information please visit our site or contact us at

Deadline to take Action: August 19.
Having your endorsement by this date will allow us to communicate with States, share with them the results of the action and still generate enough pressure for them to commit to sign.

The petition is currently available in Spanish, English and French. If you are able to translate it in any other languages please do so and upload to you site. Please also send it to and we will make it available at this page.

Steering Committee of the NGO Coalition for an OP:

Amnesty International, International Secretariat, UK
Community Law Centre, South Africa
Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE), Switzerland
International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net), USA
Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN) International Secretariat, Germany
International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Switzerland
International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), France
International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia-Pacific (IWRAW Asia-Pacific), Malaysia
Inter-American Platform of Human Rights, Democracy and Development (PIDHDD), Paraguay
Social Rights Advocacy Centre, (SRAC), Canada

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ESC rights are valid, enforceable, justiciable and claimable under both local and international law. Civil society is campaigning for their full implementation.

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