Major ESC rights movements gathered in Kenya
Economic, social and cultural rights - ESCR
ESC rights are valid, enforceable, justiciable and claimable under both local and international law. Civil society is campaigning for their full implementation.
Human Rights - Fri Jan 09 2009
Source: ESCR-net
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More than 200 people coming from different parts of the world participated in the ESCR-Net's (a network of NGOs that work on economic, social and cultural rights around the world) Global Gathering on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that took place in December 2008 in Kenya.

ESCR-Net, in partnership with the Kenyan ESCR Coalition, held a four-day International Strategy Meeting of its Working Groups, Members and active participants in Nairobi, Kenya. This landmark gathering brought together approximately 250 key human rights, social justice and grassroots’ activists from around the world.

Building on the collective achievements of ESCR-Net and its Members since its Inaugural Conference in Thailand in 2003, as well as the strong trajectory and experience of local Kenyan organisations over the past decade, this meeting was envisioned as a significant occasion to create new, substantial and more systematic pathways for greater global action for social and economic justice through human rights. Participants in ESCR-Net’s Working Groups and Initiatives benefited significantly from meeting together—in one location with interpretation and preparation—to network, strategise and advance their collective agendas as well as to explore the intersections of their work.

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