War crimes in Gaza

Source: IPS
One of the first targets of Israeli commandos raiding the Free Gaza flotilla was the international media. Photographers were attacked, and journalists had their video, audio and other communications equipment confiscated. The equipment has still not been returned. By Mel Frykberg. June 2010. [see more]
An international chorus of condemnation has blasted Israel over its last military assault on Gaza. Operation Cast Lead, which started on 27 December 2008, has claimed the lives of 1.340 Palestinians -including 106 women and 492 children- and more than 5.300 injured.

Israel claims to be acting in self-defense against Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza, but a six-month ceasfire was actually broken by an Israeli military attack on November 4, killing six Hamas militants. In retaliation for the attack, Hamas launched some 35 Qassam rockets into Israeli territory on November 5 which, in turn, provoked Israel to severely tighten its then-17-month-old economic siege of the Palestinian territory.

According to Oxford professor of International Relations Avi Shlaim, who served in the Israeli army, “Israel's objective is not just the defence of its population but the eventual overthrow of the Hamas government in Gaza by turning the people against their rulers. And far from taking care to spare civilians, Israel is guilty of indiscriminate bombing and of a three-year-old blockade that has brought the inhabitants of Gaza, now 1.5 million, to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.”

While a United Nations Security Council resolution (on January 8) called “for an immediate durable and fully respected ceasefire” that Israel refused to fulfill, the humanitan disaster continued to grow. The UN suspended its aid operations in Gaza because its staff was hit by Israeli attacks. And the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) accused the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) of deliberately delaying ambulances and not assisting the wounded, in clear violation of the Geneva Convention (1948).

Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire on 17 January 2009, saying that it reached its military operation’s aims. According to the BBC, Hamas declared its own truce a bit later, quoting one of its leaders calling a ‘huge victory’ over the Israeli army, which could not affect the group’s capacity to launch rockets.

Meanwhile, 1.340 Palestinian –according to Palestinian sources- and 13 Israelis have died since the beginning of Operation ‘Cast Lead’. More than 4.000 Gaza buildings have been destroyed, and more than 20.000 were damaged. The BBC said that tens of thousands in the Gaza Strip are now homeless.
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Monday, June 07 2010
Beatings, abuse, doctored evidence emerge
(Source: IPS)
Monday, June 07 2010
Israeli commandos kill activists on flotilla bound for Gaza
(Source: Guardian)
Tuesday, February 23 2010
Israel's contemptuous response to Goldstone findings
(Source: The Electronic Intifada)

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