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Civil Society open letter to WTO Director General, Pascal Lamy, as a reaction to his speech during the 11-13 January 2010 Colloquium on Human Rights in the Global Economy, co-organized by the International Council on Human Rights and Realizing Rights in Geneva. February 2010. [see more]
In line with the final accords of the Uruguay Round of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), the World Trade Organization (WTO) began operating on 1 January 1995. This replacement for the GATT was designed to promote a new era in international trade relations.

The creation of the WTO sought to establish a new legal framework to ensure that trade laws conformed to the evolution of the world economy and its multilateral trade system. One hundred and twenty countries signed the foundational document (Marrakesh, 1994), after seven years of negotiations. As of 27 July 2007 the number of member countries had risen to 151.

Officially, the WTO describes itself as a "democratic" organization which seeks "to improve the welfare of the peoples of the member countries" through trade liberalization. However, civil society and many governments from developing countries consider it to be "one of the least transparent organizations", which excludes less developed countries from its negotiations and favours the interests of wealthy countries.

For these reasons the WTO is one of the organizations whose work is closely monitored by non-governmental organizations. Its ministerial meetings –the institution's highest decision-making body- have been transformed into opportunities for mass protest by anti-globalization movements.

After Singapore '96 came Geneva '98 and Seattle '99. Before the Doha Ministerial Conference (2001) developing countries made it very clear that they did not want to negotiate new agreements. Instead, they wanted to tackle the issue of implementation, and they presented proposals in that sense. But such proposals were left out of the declaration that resulted from Doha, known as the 'Doha Development Agenda'.

The Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference was held in Cancun, Mexico in September 2003. Just as Seattle '99, it ended without an agreement, due primarily to the refusal of a majority of developing countries to launch a new round of negotiations on the so-called 'Singapore issues' (investment, competition policies, transparency in government procurement, and trade facilitation).

The collapse of the Cancun Ministerial has strengthened the argument -asserted by poor countries and the anti-globalization movement- that the WTO is in need of reform and democratization.

The 6th WTO Ministerial Meeting was held from 13-18 December 2005 in Hong Kong.

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Fourth WTO Conference - Doha 2001

Fifth WTO Conference - Cancun 2003

Sixth WTO Conference - Hong Kong 2005
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Thursday, December 03 2009
Seventh WTO Ministerial Conference: missed opportunity to address global challenges
(Source: Civil Society networks)
Friday, November 20 2009
The Doha Round: an examination of where the Development Round is headed
(Source: Council on Hemispheric Affairs)

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