Labour, Social Movements and Emancipation in the 21st Century

By Peter Waterman - Lima/The Hague, January-March 2008
Peter Waterman (London 1936) is a veteran activist-researcher in and on labour, social movements, the old and new internationalisms. The present collection consists of papers written since his New Internationalisms. They fall under the heads of Labouring People and Unions, Women and Feminism, Communication and Culture, the Global Justice Movement and World Social Forum. An autobiographical Conclusion reflects on Communism as a predecessor of the latest wave of internationalist social movements. Peter is presently engaged with other experiments in computerised and on-line publishing. He is also writing a full-length autobiography. See

A Political Programme for the World Social Forum?
"Democracy, Substance and Debate in the Bamako Appeal and the Global Justice Movements
Capitalism is a world-wide system; therefore, its victims cannot effectively meet its challenges unless they organise themselves at that same global level. Yet "the Internationalism of the Peoples" has always had to confront serious difficulties produced by the unequal development associated with the globalisation of capital" (Samir Amin). Jai Sen and Madhuresh Kumar with Patrick Bond and Peter Waterman; Compilers. January 2007. Published by CACIM, New Delhi and CCS, Durban. January 2007. See

A study of health sector reform, maternal mortality and abortion in selected countries of the South

A diverse range of observers would agree that one major feature of the present global environment is the expansion of conservative forces and trends
evident in a whole range of spheres: social issues, politics, economics and, last but not least, culture and religion Gender equality and the contents of the
sexual and reproductive health agenda adopted at U.N conferences in the 1990s, in particular those aspects dealing with abortion and sexual rights, have become prime targets of the contemporary conservative agenda. The final outcome of this global research effort combines both this global report and a series of country case study publications –Argentina, Bolivia, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines and Uruguay– a Joint Report on the four Caribbean countries studied and a paper focusing specifically on the question of the legalization of abortion in Brazil. Coordinated by Sonia Correa, November 2006. See

Vision or hallucination?
The papers included in this volume -as well as in-depth research papers on which they are based- were produced in the context of the “WSIS Papers” project, developed by ITeM and supported by the IDRC. Southern stakeholders need timely and appropriate information to have an active and effective role in global negotiations - such as the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). “WSIS Papers” was aimed at contributing to the materialization of an Information Society for the South by supporting well informed decision-making during the second phase of the WSIS process. November 2005. See

Global democracy: civil society visions and strategies
In light of the shifting trends in global governance, what are civil society's proposals to build a more democratically governed world? What visions and strategies can civil society, diverse in its interests but potentially united in its actions, propose as means of attaining global democracy? The Global Democracy Conference 2005 (G05) that took place in Montreal, Canada from May 29th to June 1st 2005 gathered participants from civil society organizations together with representatives of governments, private entities, and intergovernmental organizations to share civil society perspectives on the key issues that determine the state of global democracy. October 2005. See

International social movements and hegemony under a globalised networked capitalism
The role of research, documentation, communication

Do international labour studies conferences constitute privileged places for moving forward the dialogue between the ‘old’ labour and union institutions, on the one hand, and the ‘new’ global justice movement, on the other? Drawing from earlier experience, this paper begins with the assumption that this is the case. Peter Waterman, September 2005. See

Globalisation, trade and trafficking in women in Latin America
Trafficking in women is not a new phenomenon in the LA region. At the end of the 19th century, the trafficking of European women for the purpose of sexual exploitation became frequent. The accelerated trend was related to the feminization of migration inside Europe, as well as from Europe to other destinations, like Asia, America and Africa. November 2005, By Norma Sanchís. See

CSO Perspectives on the Millennium Development Goals
Gender, trade, environment and indigenous peoples are the issues analized in a paper published by the CSO Division of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Four viewpoints are developed by members of Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice, Third World Network, Tebtebba Foundation and Center for Science and Environment. April 2005. See

Beijing Betrayed
Women worldwide report that governments have failed to turn the platform into action. This report is the fifth in a series by the Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) assessing governments' progress in implementing the commitments they made to the world's women at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women that met in Beijing in 1995. It consists of reports from women in 150 countries representing every region of the world. Their realities often contrast sharply with the official reports of their governments. March 2005. See

The World Social Forum: challenging empires
A committed but critical anthology of essays on the theory and practice of the Forum, with essays by wo/men from many parts of the world, with many different points of view. "This volume is a careful selection of diverse essays and documents, either on the Forum itself or engaging with it, or else engaging with related issues in ways that we believe shed light on the Forum and its potentials and limitations. Although a fair amount has now been written and published on the Forum, our sense is that no single piece or volume has yet been able to fully portray the richness and depth of the initiative, let alone of the ideas behind it or that it has thrown up. But precisely because of the scale of the initiative, and of the fact that the Forum seems to have so widely engaged — and in many cases, ignited —people’s imaginations, and also because the Forum is at a crucial juncture of transition, we believe that it is essential to try to critically and comprehensively engage with the phenomenon. We have tried to do so by bringing together essays and writings from many parts of the world, written by people of many different ideological persuasions and points of view. We see this as a ‘committed but critical’ anthology on the Forum, and the book as something of the ‘open space’ that the Forum itself is struggling to be" (Jai Sen). 2003. See

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