WSIS I: Preparatory process
Source: Choike
This was supposed to be the last preparatory conference before the Summit in December but it was suspended without reaching an agreement on the drafts of the main documents, and will reconvene from 10-14 November and 7-9 December. [see more]
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The preparatory process of the first phase of the WSIS included the following meetings:

WSIS Preparatory Committee meetings (PrepComs)

  • PrepCom-1: 1-5 July 2002, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • PrepCom-2: 17-28 February 2003, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • PrepCom-3: 15-26 September 2003, 10-14 November 2003, 5-6 December 2003, and 9 December 2003, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Intersessional Meeting between PrepCom-2 and PrepCom-3: 15-18 July 2003, Paris (France)

WSIS Regional Conferences
  • African: 25-30 May 2002, Bamako (Mali)
  • Pan European: 7-9 November 2002, Bucharest (Romania)
  • Asia-Pacific: 13-15 January 2003, Tokyo (Japan)
  • Latin America and Caribbean: 29-31 January 2003, Bávaro (Dominican Republic)
  • Western Asia: 4-6 February 2003, Beirut (Lebanon)

Other events
  • Informal meeting on content and themes: 16-18 September 2002, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Conferences related to WSIS

Information about these events is available through the following links.

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In-depth reports
Detailed reports on key issues
World Summit on the Information Society - WSIS
An opportunity to build an equitable information society.


PrepCom-3 (Choike)

Intersessional PrepCom2-PrepCom3

Official information

Working documents

APC comments on World Summit on the Information Society documents (APC)

Paris Intersessional Conference


PreCom-2 information (Choike)

Regional conferences

Regional conferences (Choike)

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