Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness: 2-4 September 2008, Accra, Ghana
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In September 2008, ministers from over 100 countries, heads of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, donor organisations, and civil society organisations from around the world gathered in Accra for the Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (2-4 September). Their common objective was to help developing countries and marginalised people in their fight against poverty by making aid more transparent, accountable and results-oriented. The Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness reviewed progress in improving aid effectiveness, broaden the dialogue to newer actors and chart a course for continuing international action on aid effectiveness.

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Engendering aid: analysis of the Accra outcomes - pdf
This comment paper analyses the results of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) from a gender perspective. It reviews the mobilisation process of women’s rights organisations in the lead up to Accra, going on to analyse the results obtained, and mentioning some of the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the lead up to the IV High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness which will take place in 2011.
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Statement of Reality of Aid (ROA) at the Conclusion of the 3rd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
In Accra, CSOs held a parallel forum on aid effectiveness with 700 participants from over 80 countries and there were 80 CSO participants in the official high level forum.
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Aid Effectiveness and the Forums in Accra
Three Forums on the issue of aid effectiveness were held in Accra, the capital of Ghana, from August 30 to September 4 2008.
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Statement of Reality of Aid (ROA) at the Conclusion of the 3rd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
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African Women’s
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Register to the Ghana CSO Parallel Forum
Engendering aid: analysis of the Accra outcomes - pdf
Aid Effectiveness and the Forums in Accra
Ending aid dependence
The impact of donor conditionalities: the case of Zambia
Accra Agenda for Action _ Sept. 4th. 2008
Challenges to the notion of Aid Effectiveness (pdf)
Cso intervention in the alignment roundtable
Cso intervention for roundtable 1: democratic ownership
Intervention of Social Watch coordinator Roberto Bissio at the Accra Forum
Closing speech of the Accra CSO Forum
CSO statement on aid and the debt crisis
En route to Accra: the global development finance non-system
A little less talk: six steps to get some action from the Accra agenda
Ending aid dependence: a new book
Better Aid: National advocacy and media toolkit for CSOs (doc)
"Policy incoherence" frustrates funding for gender equity
Report on the use of country systems in public financial management (pdf)
Working together to make aid more effective (pdf)
The wrong side of Paris?
Paris Declaration on aid a form of collective colonialism by donors
Turning the tables: aid and accountability under the Paris framework (pdf)
GCAP Mobilisation Guide 2008: 50 Days of Action (pdf)
Are we ready for Accra… and more important, for what lies beyond?
Evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration (pdf)
Aid effectiveness after Accra: how to reform the "Paris agenda" (pdf)
Overseas Development Institute resources on Accra
Final draft, 25th July, Accra Agenda for Action
"Political power is still very masculine" - Interview with Cecilia Alemany of AWID
Civil society and aid effectiveness – synthesis of findings and recommendations
Southern discomfort
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Accountability in aid effectiveness
Reviewing Paris: rough notes on CSOs and aid effectiveness
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Events towards Ghana 2008
Buying Power: aid, governance and public procurement (pdf)
Accra 2008: the bumpy road to aid effectiveness in agriculture (pdf)
No time to waste: European governments behind schedule on aid quantity and quality
Comments on the first consultative draft of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA)
Better Aid: a Civil Society Position Paper for the 2008 Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
ISG comments on 1st draft of the Accra Agenda for Action
Partner country issue notes on the Accra process
Southern Perspectives on Reform of the International Development Architecture (pdf)

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