World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings - Washington D.C., April 2007
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Spring Meetings - Each Spring, the joint Bank-IMF Development Committee and the IMF's International Monetary and Financial Committee hold meetings to discuss progress on the work of the Bank and Fund. This year the meetings will be held over the weekend of April 14-15 in Washington, D.C.. As in previous years, a Program of Policy Dialogues for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) will be organized between April 12-16, 2007. Civil society representatives who will be attending the Meetings are developing a special coverage from there.*** Contribute to IFIwatchnet WEBLOG *** See 2007 Spring Meetings of the World Bank/IMF by Bank Information Center

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The Argentinian participation in the IMF/WB Spring Meetings
Argentinian Economy Minister, Felisa Miceli, took part in Washington in several activities within the framework of the Spring meetings. In all her presentations she expressed a critical view of both institutions. Miceli led the G-24, from where she tries to advocate in favour of a reform of the IFIs.
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Spring Meetings 2007: Life beyond the "Wolfogate" crisis
Even though it may seem that this year the Spring Meetings were overtaken by the "Wolfowitz affair", there was actually more than this going on in Washington during that week. Further concrete commitments on the discussed issues were jeopardized by having the G24, the US and the EU dancing to different tunes.
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World Bank's Wolfowitz pushes back
World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz is uncloaking new measures at the institution apparently designed to appease his critics and regain the initiative after weeks of fast retreat in the face of accusations of nepotism and an international downpour of criticism for his management style.
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The Argentinian participation in the IMF/WB Spring Meetings
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