Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Annual Meetings - Guatemala, March 2007
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The 48th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the IDB takes place in Guatemala City, Guatemala, March 16-20, 2007. This year, the hot issues are: the announcement of the IDB realignment; the review of its lending program; infrastructure and integration projects, and the debt cancelation of the 'poorest' Latin American countries. As in previous years, civil society representatives will actively participate in seminars and meetings with IDB staff members.

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IDB now in on MDRI but once again the devil is in the detail
According to the IDB’s President Luis Alberto Moreno, the "historic" decision "will help these countries free up resources to invest in quality education, health and other social services their citizens need to overcome poverty". These are impressive words but once again, the devil is in the detail.
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Representatives of Peruvian organizations in Guatemala protest IDB investment policies
Among topics broached: Camisea, IIRSA, health problems in indigenous communities, and undue IDB support for corporations. Peruvian delegation includes Carlos Herrera Descalzi, former Peruvian minister and current vice-president of the Peru School of Engineers (CIP).
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The IDB approves debt relief – for whom?
In view of the recent decision by the IDB to partially cancel debts claimed from five Latin American and Caribbean countries, Jubilee South/Americas cannot accept its terms nor the expectation created around it.
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