IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings - Singapore, 14-20 September 2006
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The IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings and related events will take place in Singapore from September 14-20, 2006. In the spirit of resistance to neoliberal policies and in keeping with the history of people’s struggles worldwide against economic domination, Asian movements together with an international group of networks, movements, campaigns and NGOs will be convening an International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and the World Bank on September 15 to 17 in Batam, Indonesia.

See IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings WEBLOG, on IFIwatchnet website

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After the dust settles: Singapore in retrospect
2006 Annual Meetings concluded awash in skepticism about the status - and future - of the World Bank’s engagement with civil society. This documents presents summary of meetings, events, updates on some key conversations, and additional thoughts on what happened in and around Singapore. (pdf format)
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Good governance or bad practices?
Maria Clara Couto Soares of ActionAid Brazil and Joy Chavez of Focus on the Global South reflect on their mistreatment at the hands of the Singaporean authorities at the 2006 World Bank-IMF annual meetings.
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Fuelling discontent: The World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Singapore
Despite attempts by the WB and the IMF to spin their 2006 Annual Meetings in Singapore as a success, events before and during the Meetings show that the two institutions have been unable to deflect doubts among civil society and developing countries about their credibility, legitimacy and relevance.
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News Reports
"Bank and Fund won't change their spots"
IMF, World Bank under spotlight - blamed for poverty, by allAfrica
NGOs criticize outcome of IMF-World Bank meeting
Workshop on the World Bank, by CSGR - Warwick
CSO launches 'Transparency Charter' for International Financial Institutions
Asian Peoples Tribunal on Poverty and Debt: IMF and the World Bank found guilty
The World Bank needs to fight the root causes of corruption
Transparency begins at home, WB-IMF told
With China lending, IMF-WB conditions take a toss, IPS
IMF nod to China, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey, but critics say the changes are cosmetic, IPS
India has reason for anger at WB-IMF: unceremonious deportation, IPS
World Bank profits from poor countries
World Bank careless about development goals – report, IPS
Time for the World Bank/IMF to listen to workers, ICFTU
India attacks 'flawed' IMF reform
Press statement by the Organisers of the International Peoples Forum
Asian peoples’ tribunal on poverty and debt
IMF Board of Governors approves quota and related governance reforms
Singapore rebuked for ban at meeting, by Washington Post
IMF quota reform is inadequate, reaction to IMFC Communiqué
UK ends threat on World Bank cash
Transcript of CSO Town Hall Meeting with Rodrigo de Rato and Paul Wolfowitz
Civil society organisations discuss environment, poverty and education
NGOs to sue Singapore, WB-IMF for abuse at airport
'Silent' protest staged at IMF, World Bank meetings
Bank slams Singapore crackdown
Singapore to admit activists after stinging World Bank criticism
Media coverage - Channel news Asia
CSOs walk out of meeting with Fund/Bank chiefs, by TWN
Mass boycott by NGOs may yet shame WB-IMF, by IPS
UK 'threat' to World Bank brings a little cheer, by IPS
WB-IMF 'helpless' as host S'pore deports critics, by IPS
Social Watch Report 2006 to be launched
Singapore Government deports Indian activist and 22 others
Detention of activists by Singaporean authorities - Press release
Letter from Social Watch Coordinator to IMF-WB authorities
Latin American CSOs are preparing mobilisations
Curbs for WB-IMF meet - Reality check for NGOs
Banned list grows to 28, by IHT
IMF-WB exposed by ban on NGOs at Singapore meet
Manuel seeks to amplify voice of Africa in IMF, by allAfrica
IMF reform vote to go ahead after amendment, by SUNS
Space for dissent narrows on eve of Bank/IMF meet, by IPS
Singapore under fire as World Bank-IMF protest, by Today online
Asian activists condemn clampdown on anti-IMF and WBank activities, by Singaporean press
The Singapore ban on WDM will not work
Civil society groups condemn civil society clampdown for Singapore World Bank/IMF meetings
A Tune-up for the World Bank’s business model?
Public participation in World Bank Annual Meetings threatened
Don't be fooled by this reform: the IMF is still the rich world's viceroy, by The Guardian
IMF targets strong economies with crises loan-draft
Anti-WB/IMF protestors have nowhere to go
MERCOSUR prepares IMF reform proposal
Africa calls on Brown to block IMF reforms
September 10th: La Via Campesina calls for mobilisations against neoliberalism all around the world
Indonesian social movements denounce crimes against humanity by WB and IMF
World NGOs use Batam to attack decisions of IMF and WB sessions
Consensus seen for vote reform before IMF board
Global protests set at IMF-WB annual meet
Why Africa wants more representation in World Bank, IMF
Singapore: Protests against IMF banned
Experts say trade unlikely to top IMF agenda
People Alliance against World Bank and IMF
IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings WEBLOG, on IFIwatchnet website
List of events for Singapore
After the dust settles: Singapore in retrospect
Good governance or bad practices?
Postcard from... Singapore, by Sameer Dossani
My Singapore story, by Filomeno Sta. Ana (Action for Economic Reforms)
Fuelling discontent: The World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Singapore
World Bank shuts out dissident voices, by Peter Bosshard (FPIF)
World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2006, by Bretton Woods Project
The IMF: Shrink it or sink it (workshop/campaign launch in Batam)
Freedom of speech and assembly curtailed during WB/IMF Annual Meetings in Singapore, La Via Campesina
The World Bank during neoliberal and neoconservative fusion
World Bank on a short rein governance and anti-corruption, Eurodad
Poor countries overpaying billions as result of irresponsible lending says new research
Annual Meetings - The Development Committee and IMFC Communiqués
Transcript of a press briefing by the Chair of the Group of 24 Ministers
Development Committee communiqué (pdf)
Transcript of a press briefing on IMF Latin America and the Caribbean regional economic update
World Bank’s energy framework - How the sells the climate and poor people short - report pdf format
IMFC statement by Guido Mantega, Minister of Finance of Brazil
Communiqué of the IMFC of the Board of Governors of the IMF
Communiqué of the G-24 on international monetary affairs and development
IMFC statement by Felisa Miceli, Minister of Economy of Argentina
Statement of the IPF Convenors' Committee
Statement on the ban on civil society organizations entering Singapore
The crisis of multilateralism, by Walden Bello
Official letter of protest from the Bank and the Fund to the Singapore government
Stifling the whispers: current 'voice reform' proposals at the IMF, by New Economics Foundation
Pronouncement about the new IMF and WB strategies, by Latindadd
IMF-WB Annual Meeting: NGOs agenda vs official agenda
Trade Union statement to the 2006 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank
Key steps in IMF reform: Taking stock on the eve of the Annual Meetings in Singapore, IMF paper
Challenging conditions: A new strategy for reform at the World Bank and IMF, by Christian Aid
Canada's Finance Minister commends IMF quota reform
Report of the Executive Board to the Board of Governors: Quota and voice reform in the IMF
Strengthening Bank Group engagement on governance and anti-corruption, World Bank paper
European CSO open statement on governance reform of the IMF
NGOs demand democracy, not tinkering at IMF, by Bretton Woods Project
The World Bank’s strategy on governance and anticorruption, a civil society perspective, by CIDSE
NGO letters to World Bank on governance and anti-corruption framework, by Eurodad
Can we reform the International Finance Institutions?
Call for global acciones against Insternational Financial Institutions (IFIs)
The IMF, shrink it or sink it: A consensus declaration and strategy paper

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