UN Small Arms Review Conference 2006
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Five years after the adoption of the United Nations Programme of Action to address the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons (UNPoA), representatives from governments, international and regional organizations, and civil society will meet at UN Headquarters from 26 June to 7 July 2006 to review the efforts and progress made at all levels; to address future international cooperation and assistance issues; and to assess challenges on the road ahead.

Official website of the Review Conference ; Choike’s in-depth report on Disarmament

The UN Review Conference on Small Arms Control: Two steps backwards? (pdf)
The much awaited small arms Review Conference ended in a shameful lack of productivity and direction, failing to agree an outcome document after two weeks of wrangling and many months of preparation and anticipation (pdf version).
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No deal on illegal gun trade
A major United Nations conference ended without agreeing on a document to push for stronger international efforts to curb the illegal trade in guns and other small weapons around the world.
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AK-47: The world's favourite killing machine
The Kalashnikov assault rifle will remain the most widely-used weapon in conflict zones for at least the next 20 years because it is so poorly regulated, according to a new report by the Control Arms campaign.
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The UN Review Conference on Small Arms Control: Two steps backwards? (pdf)
AK-47: The world's favourite killing machine
It's time for global control of small arms - By Amartya Sen
Transitioning to peace: guns in civilian hands (pdf)
The skeleton in the closet: survivors of armed violence (pdf)
Hitting the target: men and guns (pdf)
2006: Bringing the global gun crisis under control
Guns Out of Control: the continuing threat of small arms
Small arms report of the UN Secretary General (pdf)
2006: Critical year for achieving Arms Trade Treaty

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