First Americas Social Forum
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The First Americas Social Forum (ASF) took place in Quito, Ecuador, from July 25 to 30, 2004. The ASF programme was grouped in five thematic axes: The economic order, The violent face of the neo-liberal project, Power, democracy and the State, Cultures and communication and Indigenous peoples and African descendents. Gender and diversities will be transversal themes. See more

The activities proposed by the event’s organisers were conferences, panels and testimonies, and those proposed by registered organisations (called self-organised) were workshops and seminars.

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2004 Social Watch Report was launched in Quito
The 2004 Social Watch report titled "Miedos y miserias. Obstáculos a la seguridad humana" was launched at the FSA on July 28. Salil Shetty, director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign, Roberto Bissio, coordinator of Social Watch, Karina Batthyány, Social Sciences Head Researcher, and Iara Pietricovsky, from INESC/Social Watch Brazil, were present at the event.
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Americas Social Forum: global forum to move and improve
The Quito meeting has given rise to new ideas for building theories for ”the articulation of ideas of a new world, in which we must combine equality and diversity at the same rate”. Source: IPS
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International justice or free trade
The United States is using the carrot of free trade agreements to pressure countries in Latin America not to ratify the statute for the International Criminal Court (ICC), complained human rights activists and an indigenous legislator at the first Social Forum of the Americas.
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News Reports
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2004 Social Watch Report was launched in Quito
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Explosive mix of oil and free trade
The media - the first power?
Activists propose first-ever migrant summit
APC at the Americas Social Forum in Quito
Indigenous people of Latin America declare support for Venezuela's Chavez
Indigenous people seek alliances
Cultural resistance in festive opening ceremony
Fighting the FTAA and 'neo-liberalism'
FIRE coverage
Real World Radio coverage
Program of conferences, panels, testimonies
AMARC participates in the ASF
Bring your transistor radio
SOA Watch seminar
Self organised initiatives
Sexual Diversity Social Forum
War and Bush Administration
Americas Social Forum: global forum to move and improve
International justice or free trade
Rocking the boat: J. Craig Venter's microbial collecting expedition under fire in Latin America
Otro mundo es posible: small miracles in Quito, by Tim McSorley
Another America is possible
Social Watch activities

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