4th World Water Forum - Mexico, 16-22 March 2006
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The 4th World Water Forum, a main international event on water that took place 16-22 March 2006 in Mexico City, was strongly business-dominated, and seeked to influence water policy-making at a global level promoting privatization. With high entrance fees, it de facto excludes participation by local civil society who in turn organized a parallel forum: the International Forum in the Defence of Water. More information on the Forum and the main issues that were at stake here.

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The left side of water
The event held in Mexico was possible thanks to a process in which organizations and movements from Latin America, North America and Europe got together, during the Polycentric World Social Forum held in Caracas. There emerged a declaration that included the different perspectives of social movements on water, and which set the bases to build a future common agenda.
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NGOs call on governments to strengthen the human right to water
An international group of NGOs at the World Water Forum in Mexico, have called on Governments to agree to a formal declaration at the UN Human Rights Council that would result in a commitment to implement all actions within their power to guarantee that every human being shall have the right to sufficient and affordable clean water in or near their home, school or workplace.
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World Water Forum not the place to solve global water crisis
Water flooded Mexico City the week of March 16-22, causing major traffic jams, provoking street confrontations, and filling the pages of local and international newspapers. Yet nothing got wet.
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