World Social Forum 2006 - Karachi
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The 2006 edition of the World Social Forum it's a polycentric event, taking place in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the cities of Bamako, Mali (January 19-23); Caracas, Venezuela (January 24-29); and Karachi, Pakistan (March 24-29). Official web sites: WSF 2006 Bamako, WSF 2006 Karachi WSF 2006 Caracas

Choike's reports: WSF 2005, 2004 and 2003 / See also the coverage of the WSF in Caracas and Bamako

The World Social Bibliography A bibliography on the World Social Forum and the global solidarity and justice movement. By Jai Sen and Peter Waterman, with Madhuresh Kumar, December 2003, pdf format.

Evaluations of the WSF 2006
Balances about WSF 2006 polycentric events.
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Tariq Ali: World Social Forum in Pakistan
"The WSF like a big feel-good travelling road show came to Pakistan and went. What will it leave behind? Very little, apart from goodwill and the feeling that it has happened here".
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WSF Karachi ends: the first step has been made
After five days of debate, dialogue and discourse, amidst fun and music, just when the momentum was built, the forum comes to a grinding halt. Yet, for times to come, it leaves a lasting taste of how civil society in Pakistan, together, took its first step into the world of social movements. By Zofeen T Ebrahim.
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Tariq Ali: World Social Forum in Pakistan
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