World Social Forum 2006 - Caracas
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The 2006 edition of the World Social Forum it's a polycentric event, taking place in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the cities of Bamako, Mali (January 19-23); Caracas, Venezuela (January 24-29); and Karachi, Pakistan (March 2006). Official web sites: WSF 2006 Bamako, WSF 2006 Karachi WSF 2006 Caracas

Choike's reports: WSF 2005, 2004 and 2003 / See also the coverage of the WSF in Bamako and Karachi

The World Social Bibliography A bibliography on the World Social Forum and the global solidarity and justice movement. By Jai Sen and Peter Waterman, with Madhuresh Kumar, December 2003, pdf format.

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Evaluations of the WSF 2006
Balances about WSF 2006 polycentric events.
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Development, poverty and security : treacherous concepts and proposals for alternatives
Seminar at the WSF, Caracas, 25th of January 2006: its objective was to reflect on the risks of the merging development and security agendas, and to propose alternatives to traditional development thinking. By Francine Mestrum.
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Interview with Noam Chomsky
Chomsky discusses the importance of Labor's Platform for the Americas and the World Social Forum in January 2006. Interview with the Global Policy Network (GPN).
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News Reports
We, the people of the South, are the actual creditors
Series of global protests to begin in March
Strengthened trade union movement ready to face challenges in the Americas
Time to walk the talk?
100 proposals from the World Social Forum
The International Alliance of Inhabitants at the Polycentric World Social Forum in Caracas
WSF: A Loud, multicoloured 'No' to imperialism and War
Workshop-Seminar: Civil society, information and communication in a globalized world. New challenges.
World Education Forum for planetary citizenship for universal right to education
Decent work and trade union unity at centre stage of the World Social Forum in Caracas
ETC Group at the World Social Forum, Caracas
WSF Caracas: Indigenous people demand more central role
WSF Caracas: Violence against women in the dock
APC reports from the 6th Polycentric World Social Forums
Rede Brasil is organizing workshops at the World Social Forum, Caracas
World Social Forum Live: A Weblog of the 2006 WSF in Venezuela
Civil Society, Information and Communication in the globalized world - Rising to the new challenges
The great debate in a land of change
WSF Caracas: global protest with a caribbean twist
Social Watch on the WSF 2006
World Social Forum 2006 - Workspace
Evaluations of the WSF 2006
Development, poverty and security : treacherous concepts and proposals for alternatives
Interview with Noam Chomsky
Beyond the World Social Forum
Beyond the World Social Forum - By Sujatha Fernandes
The 6th WSF in Caracas: A Shot in the arm for global civil society
Counter and anti hegemony at the 2006 World Social Forum, by Fran Shor
CONACAMI: a national organization facing mining multinational companies in Peru
Social movements' declaration on water at the WSF Caracas 2006
Interview with young leaders of the Ecuadorian peasant movement
Education Forum: For a free and quality public education
A seemingly neverending debate: Should the WSF become a political movement?
Politicisation vs. "purity" debate comes to a head
...That another world is possible
From victims to resisting people
Towards a Latin American power bloc - interview with political analyst Heinz Dieterich
Civil society must oppose, but also propose
World Social Forum 2006, by Francisco Whitaker
Some hard questions about the WSF by Jai Sen
WSF 2006: defining priorities and common axes
A debate on role and nature of the WSF
International social movements and hegemony under a globalised networked capitalism
The World Social Forum: challenging empires

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