10th AWID Forum - Bangkok, October 2005
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On October 27-30 will be held -supported by AWID- the 10th. International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development, that is both a conference and a call to action. The largest recurring event of its kind brings together women’s rights leaders and activists from around the world every three years to strategize, network, celebrate, and learn in a highly charged atmosphere that fosters deep discussions. See Forum official web site

Choike in depth reports: Beijing +10, Cairo +10, Sexual and reproductive rights, Migrant sex work, The gender gap in education and Women for peace.

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Book: Women's rights and development
Development continues the conversations of the 10th AWID Forum. This special issue of Development with over 40 contributions aims to capture some of excitement generated during the Conference and to indicate the current directions feminists around the world are taking now. Pdf format.
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Women's Learning Partnership at the AWID Forum
One of the important contributions made by the presence of the WLP Partnership at AWID was the participation of a number of leading women activists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, historically underrepresented at international women’s conferences. Executive Director of Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan Lina Quora said, “I really felt the importance of Middle Eastern women leaders participating in international events and raising their voices.”
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The non-economic dimensions of the economy
Provided that the states recovers its regulatory capacity to condition investment flows, to control large companies and more influential groups, it will also achieve balance in the distribution of resources and power among social sectors, thus strengthening and expanding the voice of the weakest groups. This is an unavoidable requirement to ensure human rights. Basis put forward by Soc. Norma Sanchís for discussion in workshop ”Latin America: An ongoing debate”
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News Reports
Book: Women's rights and development
New media for new times: keeping track via a group blog in Bangkok
Chaotic equilibrium by Rochelle Jones
Plenary session: What is the change around us?
10th AWID Forum: Feminist International Radio (FIRE) coverage
Oxfam at the 2005 AWID Forum
Gender and Information & Communication Technology Awards
Indigenous women’s perspectives on feminism
Revisiting identity politics
How can we influence, use and benefit from the UN
Governing digital spaces
Wanted: women actors who are already attending the AWID Forum
World premieres at the Forum Film Festival
A feast of a programme
The BRIDGE team
The 2005 peace building cyberdialogues on UN Security Council Resolution 1325
Six weeks and counting ...
Caucus on Women and ESCR at AWID Forum
Women's Learning Partnership at the AWID Forum
Latin America: an ongoing debate
The non-economic dimensions of the economy
Gender relations and economy
Patterns of change: global labour rights in the garment industry
Final plenary: How does change happen? A wrap-up
Plenary session 29/10: How should we change?
It's time to get angry again!
AWID Forum Programme
Budgetary implications of domestic violence in Bulgaria and Serbia

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