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The eleventh ministerial meeting of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (known as UNCTAD XI) was held from 13-18 June, 2004, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The conference is UNCTAD´s highest decision-making body. The main theme of this session was: “Enhancing the coherence between national development strategies and global economic processes towards economic growth and development, particularly of developing countries.” A Civil Society Forum took place from 11-17 June at the west pavilion of Anhembi Park in Sao Paulo.

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Martin Khor's verbatim statement at UNCTAD XI on Assuring Development Gains
It would be excellent if developing countries could increase their export earnings as a method for achieving growth and development. However, many developing countries are facing constraints to their exports.
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UNCTAD XI ends in a rather good spirit
A report with an overall analysis of UNCTAD XI. By Martin Khor, director of the Third World Network.
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UNCTAD XI consensus Declaration adopted after lengthy tussles
UNCTAD XI ended with the adoption of the Sao Paulo Consensus, which is in effect the Declaration of the conference, at a closing ceremony on 18 June.
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News Reports
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Group of 77 Special Ministerial Meeting
Supachai calls for constructive outcome from UNCTAD meeting
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UNCTAD XI Resource Center (IATP)
Towards the Civil Society Forum in the UNCTAD XI
UNCTAD should be allowed to play its proper role
Sao Paulo Consensus (pdf version)
Martin Khor's verbatim statement at UNCTAD XI on Assuring Development Gains
UNCTAD XI: the role of civil society
UNCTAD XI: challenging the commodity crisis
UNCTAD XI ends in a rather good spirit
G77 and China welcomes UNCTAD XI Consensus but also express disappointment
Memorandum from the Civil Society Forum to the Secretary-General of the UN
South Leaders launch GSTP new round in optimistic mood
UNCTAD XI consensus Declaration adopted after lengthy tussles
Draft São Paulo Consensus
The Spirit of São Paulo
UNCTAD XI kicks off with calls for "new trade geography" of South-South trade
Dr. Supachai calls on UNCTAD XI to deliver clear message in support of the Doha Round
Civil Society Forum Declaration to Unctad XI
Corporate accountability and UNCTAD XI
South fights for "policy space" at UNCTAD XI
GSTP negotiations to be launched at Sao Paulo
Trade Union bodies call for an expanded role for UNCTAD
Trade and Environment Review 2003 - UNCTAD
Civil Society, corporate globalisation and the role of UNCTAD
Summary of the draft UNCTAD XI negotiated text
Message by Secretary General Rubens Ricupero

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