World Summit on the Information Society: 2nd Preparatory meeting
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The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) aims to improve access by all countries to information, and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote development. The first stage of the summit took place in Geneva, from 10-12 December 2003, and the second will take place in Tunis next November 16-18, 2005. Representatives from governments, the private sector and civil society participated in the Second Preaparatory Comittee (PrepCom2) that took place in Geneva from 17 to 25 February 2005 in order to discuss issues that remained unresolved since the first phase. This is a collection of news and reports from PrepCom2, in which part of the Choike team participated.

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WSIS: a human rights assesment
"The challenge we are facing in developing the information society is not only to reaffirm existing international human rights treaties, but to use information and communication technology to enhance effective implementation of human rights standards at the national level." stated the Human Rights Caucus. March 2005.
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ICTs: funding, development and democracy
Funding for information and communication technologies - ICTs- and development, and democracy issues in global Internet governance, are the two central themes that the UN will be addressing in phase two of the World Summit on the Information Society, to take place in Tunisia next November 16-18. Beyond the technical aspects, both issues, that were debated during the second Preparatory Committee (Prepcom), in Geneva on February 17-25, have wide political and social implications, that several actors in the process have been trying to bring into the debate.
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PrepCom-2 in the balance: civil society perspective
The WSIS process has demonstrated innovative approaches in the participation of civil society as a key stakeholder, but there is still a need for systemic reform to embed civil society participation in international organizations concerned with the Information Society such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
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News Reports
Disability Caucus Focal Point
PrepCom-2 in the balance: civil society perspective
PrepCom2 ends with long "to do" list
Human Rights and Internet Governance
Cultural diversity at WSIS: a civil society statement
Tunisia - Serious concerns for WSIS
PrepCom2: Debate on financial mechanisms
APC research on developing country participation during PrepCom-2
Special meeting: financing mechanisms for ICT for development
Debate panel: financing the information society in the south
CRIS Campaign's coverage of PrepCom-2
WSIS: a human rights assesment
ICTs: funding, development and democracy
WSIS: Cultural diversity and education
A small step towards the information society
Civil society reorganizing around content
Financing the information society in the South
Internet governance: a civil society perspective
Working Group on internet governance preliminary report
Financing ICTs in the south: a civil society statement
Southern perspective at WSIS: WSIS Papers
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): Choike in-depth report

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