News and reports from Porto Alegre 2005
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Reports and news on the fifth edition of the WSF, held from January 26 to 31 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Part of the Choike team covered the Forum's activities directly from Porto Alegre. For NGOs from the South, the Forum has become a place to make their voices heard and exchange experiences and ideas. This was the main focus of Choike's coverage, in line with its aim of giving visibility to Southern civil societies. See also the Choike in-depth report "World Social Forum (WSF) 2005" or subscribe to our free bulletin. See bellow workshops information and reports

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The tyranny of empty bellies
Fifty thousand people die every day of poverty-related causes in this world of plenty. Eight hundred million go to bed hungry. What are we doing about it, asks the following article, a keynote address at the World Social Forum 2005.
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Is there an equal space for women's rights discussions at the Forum?
Women have been participating in the WSF since it was first held in 2001. Has there been an improvement in our representation? Have we really integrated our issues in other Forum discussions? By Christina Haralanova.
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WSF 2007 in Africa
"We should use the build-up to the WSF 2007 to build and strengthen the social movements in Africa. We need a programme of action for this momentous task. We should broaden and strengthen the ASF as the tool to co-ordinate this work. Maximum internal democracy, accountability, collective leadership and mass participation are crucial in building the ASF". By Trevor Ngwane.
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News Reports
The tyranny of empty bellies
Penelopes' coverage on WSF 2005
Reports from the WSF, by Mandisa Mbali
A divisive consensus
The Fifth WSF in in the balance
Chavez: "The WSF should have a strategy of power"
Trade unions and civil society outline basis for fair globalisation
Evaluation and cultural manifestations close the fifth edition
Laicist forum, abortion, sexual rights, radical democracy and others: 31 january
IMF and World Bank face the WSF: Agree to disagree
The consensus of Porto Alegre?
March for Employment goes through the World Social Terrain
Africa's human map construction will be on Sunday
Re-claiming "our" UN - and changing it
The youth of WSF
Workshop on ESCR and public policies: 30 January
WSF-WEF: a tale of two forums in worlds apart
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) at the WSF 2005
UNESCO at World Social Forum 2005
Fifth intercontinental youth camp of the World Social Forum: 21-31 January 2005
Launching ceremony at FSM: white band to strangle poverty
WSF2006 will be spread out
WSF: fighting for the right to information
The World Social Forum in Porto Alegre is on the move
Press conference: Debt cancellation in the face of tsunami disaster
IFI WatchNet participating
Daily newspaper TerraViva
Caracol Intergalactika
Foodfirst Information & Action Network (FIAN) activities
Feminist Dialogues - FD
Communication: counter-hegemonic practices, rights and alternatives
Activities of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
V International Ciranda of Independent Information
Activities organized by the WRM
Beijing +10 Review: 28 January 2005
AMARC actively participates in 5th World Social Forum
Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration at the WSF2005
Governments and IFIs: 30 January
Social justice and land regularization for afro-descendent communities: January 27
Transnational Institute (TNI) activities - Preliminary programme
1st. World 1st. World Social Forum on Health - January 23-25
Feminist Dialogues (FD)
A global anti-war assembly
Assembly of south Peoples creditors of the social, ecological and historical debt
Women, housing and land
Human Rights and corporate accountability events (ESCR-Net)
The Arab NGO Network for Development participation in the WSF 2005
Global call for U.S. boycott at World Social Forum
Is there an equal space for women's rights discussions at the Forum?
WSF 2007 in Africa
African debt campaigners demand firm action for Africa
WSF: the colonisation of resistence? By Andile Mngxitama
Colombia: massacres, privatisations and Free Trade Agreement
CRIS Campaign statement for the Social Movements Assembly
WSF2005: the risks posed by success
Innovation, information technology and the culture of freedom
ESCR and public policies
Saramago the critic
Being an open space is not enough
North-South meets, more reforms needed for MDGs
Where dreams are shattered in a garbage heap
To defend water is to defend life
Global call to action against poverty is launched at the WSF2005
The right to land and housing of Afro-descendant communities
Forming the 5th International Independent Information Exchange
Another communication is also possible
Fighting for the right to information
The challenges of the WSF and the responsibilities of communicators
Open Systems for Open Politics
"The struggle for agrarian reform is a political struggle"
The World Social Forum in pictures
Less euphoric, the World Social Forum returns to Brazil
Workshop: Explorations of open space
Porto Alegre puts Mumbai's lessons to the test
Beyond the World Social Forum: the need for new institutions
Workshop and document: "World Charter of the Rights to the City": January 28
IFIs: background document for the WSF 2005
WSF 2005: in the U.S., polls and bullets blot out upcoming summit
Social movements and political power, an essential debate
New book: "Are Other Worlds Possible?"

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