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-> UN climate conference – Copenhagen, December 2009
There was much talk about the 2009 climate change meeting that took
place 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen, but what has really been achieved?

-> Events

-> Gender and secularism of modernity: How can a Muslim woman be French?

-> 30th anniversary of the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

-> What does sex work have to do with climate change? Anti-prostitution
campaign at Climate Conference, Copenhagen

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Copenhagen: a disaster for the world's poorest
"By delaying action, rich countries have condemned millions of the
world’s poorest people to hunger, suffering and loss of life as climate
change accelerates. The blame for this disastrous outcome is squarely on
the developed nations." said the Chair of Friends of the Earth
International, a major environmental NGO network.
Source: Friends of the Earth International
More information in "Climate Change":

Gaza's civilians, still unable to rebuild one year after Operation Cast
Lead, 'betrayed' by international community
The international community has betrayed the people of Gaza by failing
to back their words with effective action to secure the ending of the
Israeli blockade which is preventing reconstruction and recovery, say a
group of 16 leading humanitarian and human rights groups in a new report
released ahead of the anniversary of the start of Israel's military
offensive in Gaza.
Source: Oxfam
More information in "War crimes in Gaza":

The impact of the crisis on women in Central and Eastern Europe
Financial and economic crises and a rapid loss of existential security
are nothing new for women and men in the former socialist bloc countries
of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). These crises have been a permanent
condition of everyday life for the majority of populations in the region.
Source: Monthly Review
More information in "Gender in economics":

Arab women issue a call to Arab Heads of State
On the 30th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations General
Assembly of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the regional Coalition for
“Equality without reservation” launched a call to Heads of State of Arab
countries to promote the equality and citizenship of Arab women.
Source: Coalition égalité sans réserve
More information in "Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing
Platform for Action":

Civil society reviews the 6th Adult Education Conference
In the build up to this major UN Conference on Adult Education held in
Brazil from 1st-4th December, civil society organisations developed a
strong united position reflecting the views of over 500 people from 80
countries. Indeed, their positions were fully endorsed by the heads of
22 national government delegations from all regions, won significant
support from another 14 governments and were debated throughout the
Source: FISC blog
More information in "Making literacy a priority":

4. RECOMMENDED SITES: Southern NGOs and other resources

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
A network of feminist scholars, researchers and activists from the
economic South working for economic and gender justice and sustainable
and democratic development.

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Social Development

->BCI 2009: no progress in the global fight against poverty
The countries and regions of the world are becoming increasingly
polarised in spite of their international commitments to fight poverty.
This is what emerges from the 2009 Basic Capabilities Index (BCI)
published by Social Watch.
Source: Social Watch

Sexual diversity

->Same sex marriage law in Mexico
The Mexico City legislature passed with a two thirds majority an
initiative to make it possible for people of the same sex to marry each
other and adopt children.
Source: ILGA

->United Nations: landmark meeting denounces rights abuses based on
sexual orientation, gender identity
A United Nations General Assembly panel broke new ground and helped
build new momentum for ending human rights violations based on sexual
orientation and gender identity.
Source: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission


->Gender, IFIs and debt
Gender Action announces the publication of its fourth "Gender Action
Link", Gender, the IFIs and Debt, which highlights how International
Financial Institution debt exacerbates the feminization of poverty and
undermines gender equality.
Source: Gender Action


->Climate change: the intelligence we lacked
World leaders speaking in Copenhagen on Friday, the last day of
negotiations for a deal on climate change, retreated into their national
Source: IPS

->World Bank touts carbon market
The World Bank proudly defended the global carbon market in the Danish
capital Tuesday for its "contribution" to efforts to mitigate climate
change, in spite of criticism from civil society.
Source: IPS


->“The answer is not standardized programs”
Which programs have actually worked out in the field of women’s
education? This was the main question of a workshop entitled “Education,
Gender and Poverty” organized by the Popular Education among Women
Network (REPEM), an activity part of the parallel activities at
Source: FISC blog

->“We can’t meet the MDGs without adult education”
Paul Bélanger, President of the International Council for Adult
Education (ICAE) spoke on the last day of CONFINTEA VI held in Belém.
"The planet will not survive if it’s not a learning planet” he said and
called to review the armament budgets in favor of investment in education.
Source: FISC blog

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-> Climate change is an issue of human rights: Social Watch statement
Social Watch, a network of 400 hundred civil organization in more than
60 countries, calls on governments of the developed world to commit to
finding a just solution to the current impass in climate negotiations by
adhering to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

->Stop Rwanda's proposals to criminalise homosexuality
Take action against a proposed article in the draft Penal Code Act in
Rwanda which would criminalise homosexuality.
Source: Pambazuka

->Honduras security forces must be held accountable for human rights abuses
Call on Honduras to security forces accountable for human rights abuses.

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7. IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> This initiative aims at contributing to the Latin American and global
IFI campaigns for reform of the Bretton Woods institutions by
translating key information, producing and disseminating news and
analysis, thus promoting dialogue and collaboration between key actors.
This project is possible thanks to the support of Mott Foundation.

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