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-> UN climate conference - Copenhagen, December 2009

->Seventh WTO Ministerial Conference - Geneva 2009

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-> ICT4D for women: Opportunities and risks

-> Climate change: The story of cap and trade

-> Draft resolution on the organization of the High-level Plenary
Meeting of the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly

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-> Climate change

-> Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action

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Copenhagen: let's look before we leap
Technology transfer is one of the four key topics being discussed under
negotiations on Long-Term Cooperative Actions in Copenhagen (the others
are mitigation, adaptation and financing). We need to make sure the
right technologies get the support they need and the wrong ones are
discarded. That won't happen without a comprehensive social and
environmental assessment process.
Source: ETCGroup
More information in "UN climate conference – Copenhagen, December 2009":

Repay the climate debt: A just and effective outcome for Copenhagen
Civil society organizations have called on the rich industrialized world
at Copenhagen to acknowledge its historic and current responsibility for
the causes and adverse effects of climate change, and to fully,
effectively and immediately repay its climate debt to poor countries,
communities and people.
Source: Friends of the Earth International
More information in "Climate Change":

Arab women issue a call to Arab Heads of State
On the 30th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations General
Assembly of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the regional Coalition for
“Equality without reservation” launched a call to Heads of State of Arab
countries to promote the equality and citizenship of Arab women.
Source: Coalition égalité sans réserve
More information on "Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing
Platform for Action"

Precariat meet’n'greet
Today’s new unionists are beginning to organize the precariat – workers
without security. To say this latter group represents the most rapidly
growing sector in society entirely misses the point. The labour force
has fundamentally changed. And according to many labour analysts, the
real jolt is still to come.
Source: New Unionism Network
More information on "Global labour rights"

Seventh WTO Ministerial Conference: missed opportunity to address global
NGOs and social movements from all parts of the world used the
Ministerial meeting to jointly discuss alternative proposals to the
neoliberal trade agenda. Together they put forward the claim that a new
model of governing multilateral trade must be developed, which shifts
away from the trade model embodied by the WTO to allow for space for
alternative, heterodox and feminist economic and development approaches.
Source: Civil society networks

Mexico's abortion laws: a step backward for women's rights
The debate over women's bodies in legislatures across the country
exhibits the ever-widening chasm between politics and the lives of
ordinary Mexicans. Despite the loud political rhetoric, the real losers
will not be the politicians. Instead it will be the hundreds of
thousands of unheard women who put themselves at risk as they bravely
make their own choices about their own lives.
Source: Americas Program
More information on "Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Civil society reviews the 6th Adult Education Conference
In the build up to this major UN Conference on Adult Education held in
Brazil from 1st-4th December, civil society organisations developed a
strong united position reflecting the views of over 500 people from 80
countries. Indeed, their positions were fully endorsed by the heads of
22 national government delegations from all regions, won significant
support from another 14 governments and were debated throughout the
Source: FISC blog
More information in "Making literacy a priority":

5. LATEST ADDITIONS: Southern NGOs and other resources

Alliance for Arab Woman - AAW
It works as an umbrella to a network of NGOs and cooperates with other
Egyptian and Arab organizations to provide women with basic human
security through influencing policies and legislations

It is a movement to end violence against women in the Middle East and
North Africa. In the Karama movement, the emphasis is on women from the
ground up addressing violence against women as they define it, with
solutions of their own design.

New Unionism Network
International group which promotes global unionism through the creative
application of organizing, workplace democracy, and internationalist

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->Take back the tech on human rights day
The last day of Take Back The Tech! falls on International Human Rights
Day. This acts as an important reminder that the many forms of violence
against women violate our most fundamental human rights.
Source: APC

->Beijing +15 NGO Shadow Report for the Arab States
Karama, Alliance for Arab Women, and UNIFEM Present the Regional Beijing
+15 NGO Shadow Report for the Arab States in December 2009.
Source: Karama

Globalization - Society

->New NGLS publication on the UN engagement with people's movements
Civil society interaction with the United Nations (UN) system has
increased significantly over the past 15 years. So far, the majority of
these relations have been with non-governmental organizations of various
kinds, including humanitarian and development NGOs, advocacy groups and
faith-based organizations.
Source: UN NGLS

Human Rights - Gender

->Rights-Mexico: State held responsible for three Juárez killings
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, part of the Organisation of
American States (OAS), found the Mexican state guilty of denial of
justice to Claudia González, Esmeralda Herrera and Berenice Ramos, whose
bodies were found with five others in November 2001, and to their relatives.
Source: Global Issues

->World AIDS Day: punitive laws threaten HIV progress
HIV prevention efforts - and the promise of antiretroviral therapy as
prevention - are being undermined by punitive laws targeting those
infected with and at risk of HIV, Human Rights Watch said on the eve of
World AIDS Day.
Source: Human Rights Watch


->Leaked Copenhagen accord text profoundly unjust
A text drafted by the Danish Government was leaked to the media
provoking furious reactions from developing countries. The text shows
world leaders will be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power
to rich countries and sidelines the UN's role in all future climate
change negotiations.
Source: FoEI

-> World Bank touts carbon market
The World Bank proudly defended the global carbon market in the Danish
capital Tuesday for its "contribution" to efforts to mitigate climate
change, in spite of criticism from civil society.


-> “We can’t meet the MDGs without adult education”
Paul Bélanger, President of the International Council for Adult
Education (ICAE) spoke on the last day of CONFINTEA VI held in Belém.
"The planet will not survive if it’s not a learning planet” he said and
called to review the armament budgets in favor of investment in education.
Source: FISC blog

->“The answer is not standardized programs”
Which programs have actually worked out in the field of women’s
education? This was the main question of a workshop entitled “Education,
Gender and Poverty” organized by the Popular Education among Women
Network (REPEM), an activity part of the parallel activities at
Source: FISC blog

Trade and Regional Integration

->International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) at the WTO Ministerial
in Geneva: Beyond Accra Declaration
The declaration contains specific gender aspects of the advocacy against
trade liberalization as a development strategy.
Source: AWID

->WTO: Cause not Solution to the Crisis!!
The financial crisis should be recognized as a very clear example of how
the free trade and free market theory has failed, why the WTO should
turn around away from this neo-liberal model and allow for all services
and trade to be at the service of people and the planet, not of
corporate profits. By Myriam vander Stichele.
Source: Transnational Institute

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-> Take back the tech!
Take Back The Tech! is a collaborative campaign that took place during
the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence (25 Nov - 10 Dec).
It is a call to everyone - especially women and girls - to take control
of technology to end violence against women.

->Iran: stop executions for sodomy charges
Join the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC),
Iranian Queers Organization (IRQO) and COC Netherlands in calling on
Iranian authorities to stop the numerous executions of minors and adults
accused of sodomy.
Source: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

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8. IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> This initiative aims at contributing to the Latin American and global
IFI campaigns for reform of the Bretton Woods institutions by
translating key information, producing and disseminating news and
analysis, thus promoting dialogue and collaboration between key actors.
This project is possible thanks to the support of Mott Foundation.

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