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-> People's Food Sovereignty Forum 2009

-> Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action

-> UN climate change conference - 1-12 December 2008, Poznan, Poland

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-> Trade Unions, the World Social Forum, Turbulent Priests, and the
Global Justice Movement
By Peter Waterman

-> Choike engages in knowledge intermediaries network
The I-K-Mediary Network is an emerging global network of organisations
that play a knowledge and information intermediary role in development.
These organisations all aim to increase access to and use of research in
development contexts by providing portals, gateways or reporting services.

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un Climate Conference - Copenhagen, December 2009

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The Doha Round: an examination of where the Development Round is headed
The World Trade Organization is currently facing an unprecedented
challenge in its attempt to galvanize the stagnant Doha Development
Round, which has been dragging on since 2001. In light of globalization
trends and an increasing inequality gap with the rich getting richer, as
many of the poor get poorer, the Doha round contends with some of the
most problematic trade talks the global community has ever faced.
Source: Council on Hemispheric Affairs
More information in "World Trade Organization - WTO":

Facing a changing world: women, population and climate
Not enough has been said about the people who will be most affected by
climate change, especially women. The climate-change debate needs to be
reframed, putting people at the centre. Unless climate policies take
people into account, they will fail to mitigate climate change or to
shield vulnerable populations from the potentially disastrous impacts
(State of World Population 2009).
Source: UNFPA
More information in "Climate change":

Tracking progress on child and maternal nutrition: a survival and
development priority
A new report by UNICEF shows that an estimated 195 million children
under age 5 in developing countries suffer from stunting, a consequence
of chronic nutritional deprivation that begins in the period before
birth if the mother is undernourished. Of these, more than 90 per cent
are in Asia and Africa.
Source: UNICEF
More information in "Children's rights":

Profits before people: The great African liquidation sale
The fervour with which foreign commercial interests are forcing their
agricultural 'solutions' on the African continent represents nothing
more than an established endeavour to protect profits and access to
resources. For all that they are dressed up as 'help' and 'knowledge',
these ostensible solutions are about one thing: Money.
Source: Pambazuka
More information in "Agriculture and food sovereignty":

Gender in the Malestream
More research and knowledge is needed, about women’s issues on the one
hand, and, on the other, about how to effectively implement
institutional change in large international bureaucracies, so that they
become driving forces for gender equality.
More information in "The UN reform... and what about women?":

The Beijing Platform for Action: What has it delivered to African women?
The Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) was unveiled some 15 years ago,
leading Norah Matovu Winyi to ask what has really changed for Africa's
women since the platform's inception. Over the last 15 years progress in
women's position has on the whole been regrettably slow the author
notes, with a wide gap between commitments and actual action still
persistent. But with the unveiling of a new resolution to 'establish [a]
new gender-equality entity in the United Nations', there is fresh hope
that the international organisation will be able to work with
governments and Africa's citizens to revitalise the drive for equality,
peace and development.
Source: Pambazuka
More information in "Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing
Platform for Action":

5. LATEST ADDITIONS: Southern NGOs and other resources

Women's Media Center - WWC
The WMC works with the media to ensure that women’s stories are told and
women’s voices are heard.

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Social Development

->G8 countries show total lack of political will to address the global
food crisis
The blatant absence of the heads of states of the G8 countries in the
World Food Summit, held in Rome from 16 to 18th of November, was one of
the key causes of the total failure of this summit.
Source: La Via Campesina

Human Rights - Gender

->Women’s rights under threat
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against
Women (CEDAW), WIDE Network reminds the European Union about the
importance and timeliness of CEDAW for women’s human rights and about
the EU’s commitments to advance gender equality.
Source: WIDE

->Women’s rights: Looking back or moving forward?
Despite the wide adoption of protocols for gender equality across
Africa, ‘violations of women’s human rights have reached epidemic
proportions,’ Mary Wandia writes in Pambazuka News, ‘and unless we adopt
a multi-sectoral approach in the implementation and monitoring of
regional and international commitments, we shall continue to marginalise
half of the continent’s population.’ With the Beijing +15 Africa Review
meeting underway in Banjul, Wandia asks whether Africa’s ministers for
gender and women will ‘rise up to the challenge’. November 2009.
Source: Pambazuka

->Finally, a UN women’s agency with muscle
The UN announced approval of a new agency for women. The resolution
promises a politically powerful, independent agency and increased funds
to move forward on adopted goals for gender equality and women’s
empowerment. Women around the world are watching, and they cannot afford
to wait any longer.
Source: Women's Media Center - WWC

Information and Communication Technologies

->APC perspective on the future of the Internet Governance Forum
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is of the view that
the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has fulfilled its core mandate in
terms of paragraph 72 of the Tunis Agenda on the Information Society to
constitute a space for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on internet
Source: GenderIT


->Climate change and the population 'bomb': a debate not to shy away from
When people think of the impact of population on climate change, they
tend to glance towards China and India. But, their carbon emissions are
four times lower than Europe and the US. This debate comes in times when
the UN just released its World Population report 2009.
Source: Sacsis

->Oil palm monocultures will never be sustainable
>From 2nd to 4th November, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
(RSPO) will hold its Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A
number of organisations launched an Open letter against certification of
palm oil produced by companies which are directly responsible for
violating the rights of local communities.
Source: WRM

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->Stop the killing in the Congo
The crisis in Congo is often known as the 'forgotten conflict', yet it
is a war that has killed over 5 million people. We need your help right
now to help ensure the UN peacekeepers in Congo get a new strong mandate
to protect civilians from violence.
Source: Oxfam International

->Stop trans murders in Guatemala
Join the call on Guatemalan President, Mr. Alvaro Colom, and other
authorities to condemn and seek justice in the brutal murders of three
trans women in Guatemala in just one week and to take measures to
prevent the murders of trans people in Guatemala in the future.
Source: IGLHRC

->Venezuela: condemn arrests of LGBT in Caracas
Join the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
and Venezuela Diversa C.A. and demand that Caracas and Venezuelan
authorities fully and fairly investigate the arbitrary detentions of 19
LGBT people and human rights defenders, including minors, in Caracas on
October 9, 2009 and adopt measures to prevent arbitrary detentions based
on sexual orientation or gender identity in the future.
Source: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

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8. IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> This initiative aims at contributing to the Latin American and global
IFI campaigns for reform of the Bretton Woods institutions by
translating key information, producing and disseminating news and
analysis, thus promoting dialogue and collaboration between key actors.
This project is possible thanks to the support of Mott Foundation.

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