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A Portal on Southern Civil Societies - Mon Aug 17 2009
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->Beijing +15 - Fifteen-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action
From March 1 to 12 2010, government delegations attending the UN
Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will assess progress made in the
implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA).

->Cairo +15 - International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)
Today, 15 years after having generated a new paradigm in the
relationship between population and development there is no sufficient
political will to translate the consensus of the ICPD into programmes,
policies and actions.

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->Africa Regional Task Force for the Beijing +15 process

->Global mobilizations for Honduras - 11 August

->G-20 or G-192: fear of the South

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->Economic, social and cultural rights - ESCR
ESC rights are valid, enforceable, justiciable and claimable under both
local and international law. Civil society is campaigning for their full

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Statement of the CEDAW committee on gender and climate change
"The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
(CEDAW) expresses its concern about the absence of a gender perspective
in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
and other global and national policies and initiatives on climate
change. From CEDAW?s examination of State Parties reports, it is
apparent that climate change does not affect women and men in the same
way and has a gender-differentiated impact..."
Source: AWID
More information in "Climate change"

Saving international justice in Africa
Many Africans supported the establishment of the International Criminal
Court (ICC) because
we believed it would help us end high-level impunity for mass atrocities
and ?enable us to attain the best we are capable of?. But just five
years after the ICC received its first case from Uganda, victims of ?bad
government? across the continent are no longer sure the court can help
them secure justice.
Source: Pambazuka News
More information in "International Criminal Court"

An analysis of the 2009 ICPD review
Since the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD),
the United Nations, civil society, and governments have been working to
make protection of human rights and access to reproductive health global
realities. During these 15 years, progress on implementing the ICPD
Programme of Action has been reviewed by governments in UN meetings, and
acknowledged to be too slow.
Source: IWHC
More information in "Cairo +15 - International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)"

Who answers to women?
"Progress of the World's Women 2008/2009: Who Answers to Women? Gender
and Accountability" shows that realising women's rights and achieving
the Millennium Development Goals depends on strengthening accountability
for commitments to women and gender equality. For gender equality to be
realized in practice, women must be able to fully participate in public
decision-making at all levels and hold those responsible to account when
their rights are infringed or their needs ignored.
Source: UNIFEM
More information in "Millennium Development Goals - MDGs"

The end of an era
The present financial and economic crisis marks the end of an era. Not
only does it spell economic downturn, but it is shaking the very
foundations of the economic and social consensus of the past 30 years.
Source: Alliance Sud
More information in "The global financial crisis: implications for the South"

Flu outbreak sparks controversy on patents and the poor
Almost all of the world's vaccine production capacity is located in just
nine developed countries. The ability of developing countries to combat
a swine flu pandemic could be undermined by the fact that most major
vaccine producers are based in developed countries.
Source: Third World Network
More information in "Patents and medicines"
5. LATEST ADDITIONS: Southern NGOs and other resources

Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that
collects testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories
during the Second Intifadah.

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->NGOs participate at ECOSOC conference follow up
NGLS, in collaboration with the International Trade Union Confederation
(ITUC) and Third World Network (TWN), organized a side event to brief
Geneva-based government delegations and NGOs on the outcome of the UN
Conference on the crisis and begin discussion on the challenges ahead.
Source: NGLS

Economy and Financial Affairs
->The State is back, announces UNCTAD
The state is back; neo-liberal policies have failed; and the
liberalisation of trade should be halted. These are some of the findings
and recommendations from the United Nations Conference on Trade and
Development (UNCTAD) for the poorest countries, most of which are in Africa.
Source: IPS


->Prescription for HIV/AIDS Pandemic - Social Justice
The prescription that thousands of participants effectively issued at a
just- ended AIDS conference here was clear: It is time to fight social
and political inequities so that the medical gains in curbing HIV and
AIDS can work with maximum efficacy.
Source: TerraViva/IPS

->Fast-tracked swine flu vaccine under fire
Five different companies have been contracted to produce vaccines
worldwide and there is every intention to make smaller vaccine doses go
further with a range of new adjuvants, with the blessing of the WHO.
Source: I-SIS


->Third New Arab Woman Forum
It will be held on October 15 and 16, 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon. The Forum
provides discussions of the issues on the evolving role of women in Arab
society, political life and business, as well as future prospects and
challenges in this respect.

->Asia Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing +15 Brochure (pdf)
In an effort to acknowledge and amplify the voices of Asia Pacific women
in this process, the Asia Pacific Women?s Watch (APWW) is organizing the
Asia Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing+15.

->Fund for Gender Equality calls for proposals
UNIFEM announces the first call for proposals for the Fund for Gender
Equality. The Fund will prioritize a maximum of 30 innovative,
impact-oriented programmes from around the world accepting applications
from governmental and non-governmental organizations and/or partnerships
between or within these sectors.
Source: UNIFEM


->Hiroshima Flame to travel the world for nuclear abolition
A torch to be lit from the Hiroshima Flame on August 5 will be carried
on a march around the world to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons
? ending up at the United Nations in May 2010 for a major
inter-governmental conference on nuclear non-proliferation. It will
remain alight until all nuclear weapons are eliminated. August 2009.
Source: The World March

Human Rights

->Honduras: IGLHRC expresses outrage at human rights abuses after military coup
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
strongly condemns the recent murder and arbitrary arrests of lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists in Honduras.
Source: IGLHRC

->Consultation on human rights and business in Geneva
The consultation, at the UN Office at Geneva, will bring together all
relevant stakeholders, including NGO and representatives of victims of
corporate abuse.
Source: UN

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-> Sign-on letter calling for repayment of climate debt
Support the call for the repayment of the climate debt and to advocate
for this at the upcoming climate negotiations in Bonn that begin on June
1st 2009.
Source: Third World Network

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8. IFIs Latin American Monitor

-> This initiative aims at contributing to the Latin American and global
IFI campaigns for reform of the Bretton Woods institutions by
translating key information, producing and disseminating news and
analysis, thus promoting dialogue and collaboration between key actors.
This project is possible thanks to the support of Mott Foundation.

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