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Oxford scholarships for African human rights advocates  (Pambazuka)
Benin plan of action  (Pambazuka)
Highlights from this issue  (Pambazuka)
March 2013 Issue of the Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter  (Pambazuka)
Fictionalizing Camfranglais  (Pambazuka)
Hugo Chávez: New world rising  (Pambazuka)
A violence that goes unnamed  (Pambazuka)
Legal help by and for sex workers  (Pambazuka)
Electoral fraud and democratic struggles in Kenya  (Pambazuka)
Statement on Prime Minister Tsvangirais comments  (Pambazuka)
Democratic experiments in exile  (Pambazuka)
Securitization or Terrorization?  (Pambazuka)
UN Resolution 2093 endorses state building mission for Somalia  (Pambazuka)
The monsters under the house  (Pambazuka)
Food and politics in Africa  (Pambazuka)
Taking forward the revolutionary life and symbolism of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías  (Pambazuka)
Kenya: An open letter to IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan  (Pambazuka)
An open letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne  (Pambazuka)
Has the LGBT movement failed in Uganda?  (Pambazuka)
Chávez and nonviolence  (Pambazuka)
After 2015, then what?  (Pambazuka)
Job Advert: Campaigner  North Africa  (Pambazuka)

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International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks
Information Resources

This Network is a group of trade union-linked researchers from all over Africa. It provides information and services to both the public and African Labour researchers.
Its aim is to work for a society that is peaceful, free, equal, just and sustainable by a process of empowering people and building a mass movement to uphold human rights. Malaysia.
The Sonke Gender Justice project tries to address the social aspects of the HIV epidemic, with a particular focus on gender issues. South Africa.
SWAA is a pan-African women's organization dedicated to women and their families in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It has 39 branch offices in Africa.
Regional network on human settlements and urban issues consulted by many UN agencies.
Right to health and health care campaign
Support the women in India brutally attacked by the police
Children's rights Financing for Development The war on terror: a war on human rights World Social Forum (WSF)
Poverty Global labour rights Agriculture and food sovereignty Civil and political rights
Economic, social and cultural rights - ESCR Making literacy a priority Education on the market Social security reform
International Criminal Court The gender gap in education The right to adequate housing Health and health services, goods for sale
Child soldiers Millennium Development Goals - MDGs Patents and medicines  

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