This Network is a group of trade union-linked researchers from all over Africa. It provides information and services to both the public and African Labour researchers.
Its aim is to work for a society that is peaceful, free, equal, just and sustainable by a process of empowering people and building a mass movement to uphold human rights. Malaysia.
The Sonke Gender Justice project tries to address the social aspects of the HIV epidemic, with a particular focus on gender issues. South Africa.
SWAA is a pan-African women's organization dedicated to women and their families in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It has 39 branch offices in Africa.
Regional network on human settlements and urban issues consulted by many UN agencies.
NGO sites
South Asia Citizens Web
Independent space on the internet to promote exchange of information between and about citizens initiatives from South Asia.
African Labour and Research Network - ALRN
Web site designed to provide information and services to both the public and African Labour researchers.
Alertanet - Portal on Law and Society
Latin American Network that works to support the efforts for social change, democracy, justice, pluralism, Human Rights, and peace in the region. Peru.
Anti-Privatization Forum (APF)
The APF’s role is to unite struggles against privatisation in the workplace and community. It is open to any organisation or individual opposed to privatisation. South Africa.
Arab Center for the Independence of Judiciary and Legal Profession- ACIJLP
This is an NGO that works to reinforce and support the status of justice in the Arab regions, an independence of the judiciary, the legal profession and the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Arab Info Mall
This project is a tri-lingual website (Arabic, English, and French), through which Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are represented as a kiosk inside the mall.
Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (Arena)
Regional network of concerned Asian scholars –academics, intellectuals, activists, researchers, writers, and artists– which aims to contribute to a process of awakening towards meaningful and people-oriented social change. They promote equity among social class, caste, ethnic groups and gender.
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)
Multi disciplinary organization which conducts policy oriented research on development issues. Bangladesh.
Black Sash
They work to ensuring the recognition and protection of citizens´ human rights. Black Sash began as women´s anti-apartheid movement opposed to the gross human rights violations practised under apartheid in South Africa.
CACIM -- India Institute for Critical Action : Centre in Movement
The Institute proposes to be a hub within transnational networks among people and organisations located in different parts of the world. Its goal is to support and encourage activists, students, researchers, professionals, artistes, and thinkers, young and more mature, and both those belonging to the so-called 'civil' and also those excluded from this, belonging to the popular and 'incivil' worlds, who are involved in different ways with 'movement', in their individual work and also to network and work together.
Caucus of Development NGO Networks - CODE-NGO
Its formation marked the development community’s desire to promote professionalism, expand the reach, and increase the effectiveness of NGO/PO work in the Philippines.
Centre for Education and Communication - CEC
Resource centre for labour, in particular, for members of the unorganised and informal sectors. It has developed as a centre for workers' education and participatory labour research. India.
Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ)
A non-profit and non-partisan organization, founded as a place where citizens can participate, generate proposals, and channel their enthusiasm to build a more fair and equitable society. Argentina.
Conectas is an NGO based in Sao Paulo with a mission to enhance respect to human rights through dialogue and collaboration leading to mutual strengthening of civil society organizations in the South.
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia - CCC
The CCC plays a major role in strengthening cooperation between Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia, to enhance the development of the country. Cambodia.
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Right to health and health care campaign
Support the women in India brutally attacked by the police
Selected news
SOS Appeal from Bahrain
Wed Mar 16 2011 -
The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Bahrain , appeal for help in face of mass systematic murder against the unarmed people of Bahrain.
Registration for the 2011 WSF is now open
Wed Nov 24 2010 - Source: FSM 2011
Registration for the centralized edition of the WSF, to be held on February 06-11 in Dakar (Senegal), is now open. Registration will close on December 15th.
Human development report 2010
Tue Nov 16 2010 - Source: UNDP
For the first time since 1990, the 2010 report "The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development", looks back rigorously at the past several decades and identifies often surprising trends and patterns with important lessons for the future.

Agriculture and food sovereignty - Fri Aug 19 2011
The Government of Ghana anounced that it's studying tariff and non-tariff measures to restrict the importation of poultry products, after local analysts warned that those purchases are harming the national economy. "Imported chicken is being sold at below the cost of local chicken, and farmers in Ghana cannot simply compete, resulting in the collapse of dozens of farms and the loss of hundreds of jobs," said Yaw Graham, expert of the Third World Network-Africa (TWN-A), focal point of Social Watch.

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