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International NGOs and Networks
ACORD International
ACORD (Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development) is an Africa-led international alliance working to promote social justice and running field operations in 17 countries in Africa, as well as Pan African and international advocacy work.
CIVICUS is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world. Its Vision is that of a worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizens engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity.
Consumers International
A federation of consumer organisations dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumers' rights worldwide through empowering national consumer groups and campaigning at the international level. It currently represents over 230 organisations in 113 countries.
Convergence of Movements of the Peoples of the Americas (COMPA)
COMPA is a broad-based, autonomous movement which spans the Americas. Through COMPA, women and men from different organized sectors struggle together to construct alternatives to neoliberal globalization, towards a new society.
Global Labor Strategies - GLS
They work to contribute to building global labor solidarity through research, analysis, strategic thinking, and network building around labor and employment issues.
International Council of AIDS Services Organizations (ICASO)
A global network of non-governmental and community-based organizations, ICASO was formed in 1991 with secretariats in five geographic regions, and a central secretariat based in Canada.
International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net)
ESCR-Net is an emerging coalition of organizations and activists from around the world dedicated to advancing economic, social and cultural rights. This website contains four interactive, searchable databases (or directories) of organizations and individuals, project and activities, regional and domestic case law, and events.
International NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR
The International NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights brings together individuals and organisations from around the world who support the development of an OP to the ICESCR.
International Trade Union Confederation - ITUC
The founding Agreement for the Council, signed by top leaders of each of its participating organisations, is based on a "common determination to organise, defend human and trade union rights and labour standards everywhere, and promote the growth of trade unions for the benefit of all working women and men and their families".
New Unionism Network
International group which promotes global unionism through the creative application of organizing, workplace democracy, and internationalist principles.
OECD Watch
OECD Watch is an international network of NGO's promoting corporate accountability. Its purpose is to inform the wider NGO community about policies and activities of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Investment Committee and to test the effectiveness of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
Respect and Rights for Domestic Workers
The web site aims to give space to organisations of domestic/household workers to present themselves in the web.
UBUNTU - World Forum of Civil Society Networks
Its main objective is to unite and federate efforts, to build bridges of dialogue and communication amongst national and international institutions which are focused on promoting peace, endogenous development, dignity and human rights.
World Forum for Alternatives
The World Forum for Alternatives is an international network aiming at supporting the international convergence of social movements and other actors of the Civil Society from below. It build spaces of reflexion and coordination, puting at the disposal of social movements and ONG, tools of information and analysis about globalization of resistances and contribuiting to the difusion of the informations about the existing international struggles.
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International and Regional Organizations
Information Resources
International and Regional Organizations
Information Resources

   Human Rights
   Social Development

This Network is a group of trade union-linked researchers from all over Africa. It provides information and services to both the public and African Labour researchers.
Its aim is to work for a society that is peaceful, free, equal, just and sustainable by a process of empowering people and building a mass movement to uphold human rights. Malaysia.
The Sonke Gender Justice project tries to address the social aspects of the HIV epidemic, with a particular focus on gender issues. South Africa.
SWAA is a pan-African women's organization dedicated to women and their families in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It has 39 branch offices in Africa.
Regional network on human settlements and urban issues consulted by many UN agencies.

Right to health and health care campaign
Support the women in India brutally attacked by the police
Selected news
SOS Appeal from Bahrain
Wed Mar 16 2011 -
The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Bahrain , appeal for help in face of mass systematic murder against the unarmed people of Bahrain.
Registration for the 2011 WSF is now open
Wed Nov 24 2010 - Source: FSM 2011
Registration for the centralized edition of the WSF, to be held on February 06-11 in Dakar (Senegal), is now open. Registration will close on December 15th.
Human development report 2010
Tue Nov 16 2010 - Source: UNDP
For the first time since 1990, the 2010 report "The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development", looks back rigorously at the past several decades and identifies often surprising trends and patterns with important lessons for the future.
Children's rights Financing for Development The war on terror: a war on human rights World Social Forum (WSF)
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