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Social Development - Fri Jan 23 2009
GCAP calls for urgent action on poverty in 2009 and launches new report (pdf)
In 2009 World Social Forum (WSF), GCAP alliance is focusing on influencing the agendas of the upcoming G20 and G8 Summits as well as building accountability supported by more grassroots mobilisations.
Social Development - Thu Jan 15 2009
Haiti: new peasant alliance demands action on food crisis
Haiti's peasant farmers are organising and taking action to try and bring an end to the country's dependence on food imports, and to avert the prospect of looming famine.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Tue Nov 25 2008
World Bank, IMF heads not going to key UN conference
The heads of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have decided not to attend the U.N. Conference, on Financing for Development, a move some said would reduce its impact.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Mon Nov 24 2008
U.N. looks to Doha summit for answers
As the spreading global financial crisis threatens to cripple banks, stock markets and manufacturing industries in the developing world, the United Nations is now focusing on the outcome of a major international conference on Financing for Development (FfD) scheduled to take place in Doha next week.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Mon Sep 29 2008
Aid Effectiveness and the Forums in Accra
Three Forums on the issue of aid effectiveness were held in Accra, the capital of Ghana, from August 30 to September 4 2008.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Mon Sep 22 2008
Poverty is not decreasing as the World Bank claims
On the eve of a UN presidential meeting on poverty reduction the mainstream consensus that globalization is reducing poverty around the world was challenged today by Social Watch, a network of 400 civil society organizations in 70 countries. The World Bank latest estimates, announced last August, claim that extreme poverty has been reduced by half in the last 25 years and that therefore the internationally agreed goals for 2015 can be met.
Social Development - Wed Sep 03 2008
Intervention of Social Watch coordinator Roberto Bissio at the Accra Forum
"If aid is to be efficient for development, it should contribute to the available policy space of developing countries and not limit it by introducing policy conditionalities through the back door" said Roberto Bissio, coordinator of the Social Watch network at the Accra High Level Forum.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Wed Aug 13 2008
Better trade, not aid, say developing nations
"Stop throwing money at us carte-blanche; rather first engage us to determine our needs." This seems to be the message that ministers of middle-income countries are sending to the developed world.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Wed Jul 09 2008
Civil society for aid that works for poor
With a high level meeting on aid effectiveness set to take place later this year in Accra, Ghana, participants at the eighth CIVICUS Assembly in the Scottish capital wanted donors to stop dictating how aid should be used.
Social Development /Economy and Financial Affairs - Mon Jul 07 2008
A graveyard of broken promises: the G8 betrays Africa again
ActionAid voices fears that smallholder farmers, the backbone of African food production, are about to be ignored once again.

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