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Social Development - Tue Jul 13 2010
Is global poverty reduction a political myth?
When the United Nations hosts a summit meeting of world leaders next September to assess the current state of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it is expected to single out one of the major "success stories" of the day: a reduction in global poverty.
Social Development - Mon Jun 28 2010
New tool aims to boost participatory governance
Participatory governance is about empowering citizens to participate in processes of public decision-making that affect their lives. This site provides information on participatory governance practices and tools – all aimed at achieving more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective governance, at both the local and national level, through active citizen participation.
Social Development - Wed Apr 21 2010
Grassroots women claimed cities at grassroots academy
While the V World Urban Forum was taking place in Brazil in March 2010, women from over 20 countries exchanged their practices and experiences in the "claiming our cities, claiming our roles" Grassroots Academy. The participants came up with collective advocacy messages to influence policies and resource allocation to reflect the needs of poor women.
Social Development - Tue Dec 29 2009
Sri Lanka: five years after tsunami, many still without shelter
Sri Lanka's Reconstruction and Development Agency has since wound down as has the massive reconstruction effort. Still many are without homes they could call their own.
Social Development - Fri Dec 18 2009
BCI 2009: no progress in the global fight against poverty
The countries and regions of the world are becoming increasingly polarised in spite of their international commitments to fight poverty. This is what emerges from the 2009 Basic Capabilities Index (BCI) published by Social Watch.
Social Development - Thu Nov 19 2009
G8 countries show total lack of political will to address the global food crisis
The blatant absence of the heads of states of the G8 countries in the World Food Summit, held in Rome from 16 to 18th of November, was one of the key causes of the total failure of this summit.
Social Development - Tue Nov 17 2009
GRAIN statement at the joint GRAIN-La Via Campesina media briefing
"We need investment in food sovereignty, in a million local markets and in the four billion rural people who currently produce most of the food that our societies rely on - not in a few mega-farms controlled by a few mega-landlords."
Social Development - Thu Nov 12 2009
Farmers and social movements say no to land grabbing!
Invitation to a press conference and a symbolic action. Rome, 16 November 2009 at 10h00. Venue: Food Sovereignty Tent in the park across the street from the FAO building. Interview opportunities with people directly involved in this fight. Organised by La Via Campesina and GRAIN.
Social Development /Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Oct 22 2009
FAO: A food battle won
In late 2007 a dramatic hike in food prices throughout the world had revealed the imperative necessity of revisiting the rules of the global food game. Now, almost two years later, FAO’s 191 member governments had just adopted, by acclamation, a proposed reform of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).
Social Development - Wed Jun 10 2009
A sizeable step towards real commitment to farmers' rights at the FAO?
After four days of difficult negotiations among 121 governments at a UN Food and Agricultural Organization Treaty meeting on the use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture held in Tunisia, a Canadian effort to block progress was overturned.

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