Social Development

This Network is a group of trade union-linked researchers from all over Africa. It provides information and services to both the public and African Labour researchers.
It is a Sri Lankan voluntary organization helping the 100,000 homeless people on the coastline of Sri Lanka.
Regional network on human settlements and urban issues consulted by many UN agencies.
An organization consisting of Arab NGOs and national networks active in the fields of social development, human rights, gender, and the environment.
International network of citizens’ organizations struggling to eradicate poverty and the causes of poverty, to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and the realization of human rights.
NGO sites
South Asia Citizens Web
Independent space on the internet to promote exchange of information between and about citizens initiatives from South Asia.
Action Health Incorporated (AHI)
Organization dedicated to the promotion of adolescent health and development. Nigeria.
Adva Center
They work to promote informed debate by disseminating information about the state of social justice encountered in wide range of areas of life in Israel, such as education, health, housing, income distribution, and social welfare.
Africa Institute of South Africa
The Africa Institute of South Africa is a research organisation, focusing on political, socio-economic, international and development issues in Africa.
Africa Internally Displaced Persons Voice(Africa IDP Voice)
Africa Internally Displaced Persons Voice(Africa IDP Voice) is a non governmental organization working to raise awareness and promote effective protection IDPs in Africa with headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.
African Centre for Economic Growth (ACEG)
Research organisation established to promote collaborative and comparitive policy analysis of socio-economic problems facing countries in Africa. Kenya.
African Democracy Forum - ADF
The ADF is an African regional network of democracy, human rights, and governance organizations.
African Forum and Network on Debt and Development - AFRODAD
Organisation working on solutions to Africa’s mounting debt problem and its negative impact on development.
Aid Tranparency - AT
Regional organization based in Dakar, Senegal. It is created in response to the overwhelming need for improved governance and development delivery services in Africa.
Aid Transparency (AT)
AT was created in response to the overwhelming need for improved governance and development delivery services as well as innovative ways for tackling development issues, strategies and operations in Africa. Senegal.
Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center (UJRC)
Center to promote integrated sustainable, social, economic and political development in Jordan and the Arab world. Jordan.
Alternative for India Development (AID)
AID works with local communities, giving support depending on the needs of the community and its priorities. Some of the main areas of concern are: community development, education, health, women's issues, micro-credit, water mangement. India.
Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM)
Its aim is the establishment of an equitable social order through motivation facilitation and self activity among backward rural communities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health education, human rights, economy and rural leadership. India.
Alternative Information & Development Centre (AIDC)
Alternative information centre doing research, education and training, as well as campaigning and lobbying on the macro issues affecting the development process in South Africa.
Alternative Trade Network of Nigeria (ATNN)
ATNN is committed to the economic empowerment of disadvantaged individuals. The primary focus has been mostly on widows, the handicapped, educationally disadvantaged and rural artisans. Nigeria.
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Selected news
Is global poverty reduction a political myth?
Tue Jul 13 2010 - Source: IPS
When the United Nations hosts a summit meeting of world leaders next September to assess the current state of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it is expected to single out one of the major "success stories" of the day: a reduction in global poverty.
New tool aims to boost participatory governance
Mon Jun 28 2010 - Source: CIVICUS
Participatory governance is about empowering citizens to participate in processes of public decision-making that affect their lives. This site provides information on participatory governance practices and tools – all aimed at achieving more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective governance, at both the local and national level, through active citizen participation.
Grassroots women claimed cities at grassroots academy
Wed Apr 21 2010 - Source: Huairou
While the V World Urban Forum was taking place in Brazil in March 2010, women from over 20 countries exchanged their practices and experiences in the "claiming our cities, claiming our roles" Grassroots Academy. The participants came up with collective advocacy messages to influence policies and resource allocation to reflect the needs of poor women.

Agriculture and food sovereignty - Fri Aug 19 2011
The Government of Ghana anounced that it's studying tariff and non-tariff measures to restrict the importation of poultry products, after local analysts warned that those purchases are harming the national economy. "Imported chicken is being sold at below the cost of local chicken, and farmers in Ghana cannot simply compete, resulting in the collapse of dozens of farms and the loss of hundreds of jobs," said Yaw Graham, expert of the Third World Network-Africa (TWN-A), focal point of Social Watch.

Cairo +15 - International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) UN Conference on the world financial and economic crisis and its impact on development Financing for Development Poverty
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