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Health - Fri Dec 03 2010
UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2010
The 2010 edition of the UNAIDS Report on the global AIDS epidemic includes new country by country scorecards on key issues facing the AIDS response. Based on the latest data from 182 countries, this global reference book provides comprehensive analysis on the AIDS epidemic and response. For the first time the report includes trend data on incidence from more than 60 countries.
Health - Mon May 24 2010
Zambia: intolerance threatens health, rights
Recent homophobic statements by religious leaders and government authorities risk undermining Zambia's fight against HIV/AIDS Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Zambian leaders.
Human Rights /Health - Wed May 12 2010
People living with HIV stigma index
The Index, part of a global initiative driven by civil society organizations and UNAIDS provides a tool that will measure and detect changing trends in relation to stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV.
Health - Mon Mar 15 2010
Uganda: law threatening access to medicines gets EU support
The European Union is funding the drafting of Uganda’s controversial Counterfeit Goods Bill, a proposed law that has caused an outcry as it threatens access to life-saving generic medicines in Uganda.
Human Rights /Health - Fri Jan 08 2010
East Africa: No laws to fight HIV stigma in schools
Children are faced with stigma and discrimination and there are no laws or policies to protect them in the region. There are even reports of head teachers rejecting pupils who are HIV-positive.
Human Rights /Health - Mon Nov 30 2009
World AIDS Day: punitive laws threaten HIV progress
HIV prevention efforts - and the promise of antiretroviral therapy as prevention - are being undermined by punitive laws targeting those infected with and at risk of HIV, Human Rights Watch said on the eve of World AIDS Day.
Health - Thu Aug 13 2009
Prescription for HIV/AIDS Pandemic - Social Justice
The prescription that thousands of participants effectively issued at a just- ended AIDS conference here was clear: It is time to fight social and political inequities so that the medical gains in curbing HIV and AIDS can work with maximum efficacy.
Health - Mon Jul 27 2009
Fast-tracked swine flu vaccine under fire
Five different companies have been contracted to produce vaccines worldwide and there is every intention to make smaller vaccine doses go further with a range of new adjuvants, with the blessing of the WHO.
Health - Mon Jul 20 2009
Swine flu measures no excuse for abridging Rights
Fears about the spread of disease can lead to calls for restrictions on the rights of individuals infected or believed to be infected. While some limitations can be justified for the sake of public health, they should meet internationally accepted legal standards, including respect of human dignity.
Health - Mon Jul 20 2009
Update on swine flu
An interesting aspect of the swine flu outbreak is how early the link was made with factory farming. This was largely the result of pressure from local residents in the village of La Gloria in the municipality of Perote, Mexico.

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