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Its main purpose is to produce, organize, and disseminate knowledge about sexuality from a human rights perspective, in order to help fight gender inequality and to contribute to the struggle against the discrimination of sexual minorities in the region.
Not for profit human rights organization whose core objective is to foster a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe.
Its aim is to work for a society that is peaceful, free, equal, just and sustainable by a process of empowering people and building a mass movement to uphold human rights. Malaysia.
The Children's Rights Centre is committed to establishing a sustainable children's rights culture in the context of human rights principles. South Africa.
A human rights and relief organisation which is non-governmental (NGO), non-political, and non-discriminating, with the vision of working for the practical realization of human rights in Cameroon by protecting the country’s vulnerable and deficient population. Cameroon.
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Latinoamerican Commission for the Rights and Freedoms of Workers and Peoples (CLADEHLT)
Non-profit Latin American organization that defends and promotes the rights and freedoms of workers and their organizations.
Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR)
Lawyers for Human Rights strives to promote, uphold and strengthen human rights. In recent years the organisation has been involved in human rights developments within the SADC sub-region and sub-Saharan Africa. South Africa.
Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women (LCRVAW)
LCRVAW was founded in Beirut in March 1997. The Council was established in response to the alarming rate of violent acts against women in Lebanon, and the lack of legal and social support for victims of such crimes. The Council aims at carrying the concept of violence from private to public awareness. This with the goal of influencing public opinion to reject and condemn violence, as well as work on legislating laws for the protection of abused women.
Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights LRRC
LRRC was established in 1991 to sensitise inform the Egyptian public on the issue of human rights. It aims at emphasizing respect for legal sovereignty as well as establishing the principles of human rights as set out in international instruments. Its grassroots educational work focuses on the informal sector, targeting NGOs, lawyers, the medical profession, children, women, etc., and other sectors of society. Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.
Legal Resources Foundation
Organisation with competence in the field of human rights education. LRF mission is to enhance quality participatory human rights and legal education, promote low cost community based mechanisms for the resolution of individual and communal rights disputes, and lobby and advocate for policy and legislative changes that enhance quality access to justice. Kenya.
Legal Resources Foundation of Zambia
Foundation providing legal aid, promoting human rights and litigating in the public interest. It functions in areas which directly affect disadvantaged sectors of society in relation to violations of their fundamental rights and the enhancement of Justice Zambia.
Lesbian and Gay Equality Project
Formerly the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality, the new Lesbian and Gay Equality Project is a civil and human rights group that lobbies against discriminatory practices by government and the private sector. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender and martital status is specifically outlawed in the Bill of Rights chapter of the South African Constitution (1996).
Miftah - The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy
Miftah is a Palestinian, Jerusalem-based, institution committed to fostering the principles of democracy and effective dialogue based on exchange of information and ideas. Miftah strives towards democratic consensus-building in Palestine and the formulation of a collective vision with like-minded individuals and institutions of civil society.
Moghaizel Foundation
This foundation bears the names of the late Joseph and Laure Moghaizel who where known for their devotion to the cause of human rights in Lebanon and in the Arab World.
Mossawa Center
Mossawa, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, works to promote equality for Arab\Palestinians within the borders of Israel.
National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
The Campaign is part of a wider struggle to abolish "untouchability" and 'cast out caste'. "Untouchability" and caste discrimination continue to be a reality for Dalits living in India today.
National Conference of Dalit Organisations - NACDOR
They strive to provide an alternative platform to the suppressed voices of Dalits, marginalised and other lower castes in India, began dialogues, discussions and exchanges with other Dalit organisations and groups across the country. India.
New Family
New Family is a human rights organization working to attain legal recognition of every family unit in Israel to ensure equal rights for every type of family. Israel.
NGO Forum on Cambodia
The Forum consists of over sixty organisations and advocates on issues of concern to the Cambodian people: economic and social justice; respect for human rights and democracy; peace and non-violence; sustainable use of resources; respect for cultural diversity; and development with equity.
Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa - OSISA
Johannesburg-based foundation established in 1997, working in nine Southern Africa countries: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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Selected news
Human rights: The post-2015 agenda?
Fri Sep 24 2010 - Source: The Broker
The question of the post-2015 (some say 'post-MDG') agenda has perhaps quite a simple answer: let’s get back to basis, let’s get back to human rights.
Israel under review by the UN Human Rights Committee
Mon Jul 12 2010 - Source: Al-Haq
The UN Human Rights Committee will review Israel’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Covenant). Despite that the Committee has reiterated to Israel that it has a duty to implement the Covenant in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Israel continues to deny its responsibilities.
US-Mexico: Lethal force on the border
Thu Jul 01 2010 - Source: Americas Program
Sergio Hernandez Guereca’s short life revolved around the U.S.-Mexico border that ultimately led to his death. A US Border Patrol agent shot the 15-year-old in the face in Mexican territory between Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and El Paso, Texas.

Migrations - Mon Dec 13 2010
For its annual report on the European borders, Migreurop has chosen to emphasize three main steps of the fights led by the authorities against the candidates to migration: the controls of their movements, detention and deportation. Denouncing the « externalization » process of the European union migratory policy, Migreurop shows how third countries are obliged, through the threat of the reconsideration of cooperation agreements and development aid, not only to readmit the migrants chased from Europe, but also to keep them on their own territory from travelling towards its doors.
Fuente: Migreurop

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