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Environment /Globalization /People - Fri Feb 06 2009
Women’s Assembly Declaration - Déclaration de l’Assemblée des Femmes
Women’s Assembly Declaration on the World Social Forum 2009, English and French.
People /Society - Fri Jan 30 2009
World Social Forum is not a static platform
As another gathering of activists from around the world unfolds in Belém, Brazil, IPS asked Oloo for his views on the Forum's past and future.
People - Wed Jan 28 2009
Negotiations begin on outcome document for Durban Review Conference
Members of a working group established to negotiate and finalize a draft outcome document for the Durban Review Conference, to be held in Geneva in April, began formal negotiations on Monday.
Human Rights /Gender - Thu Nov 20 2008
Signatures from around the world against the veto
"We hope the democratic system returns the rights your veto has violated to all Uruguayans."
People /Society - Tue Nov 18 2008
ASEAN Peoples' Forum 2008
Civil society organizations and social movements from across Southeast Asia will gather in Bangkok for the ASEAN Peoples' Forum (APF), from December 12 to 14, 2008.
Human Rights /Gender - Tue Oct 21 2008
Controlling migrant women, not helping sex workers
Italian´s municipal ordinances to keep streets ’safe’ lead to repression of street prostitutes who are seen as irregular/unauthorised/undocumented migrants.
Human Rights /Gender - Wed Oct 15 2008
Violations against women’s rights in Nicaragua
Feminist activists condemn the Government of Nicaragua at the Americas Social Forum in Guatemala.
Gender - Wed Sep 24 2008
Sex Workers from Denmark demonstrates at ESF 2008 in Sweden
A danish sex workers rights group)(SIO) took the opportunity to do something else than having endless discussions with abolitionists from all parts of Scandinavia and organized a sex workers rights bloc at the European Social Forum 2008.
Sexual diversity /Gender - Wed Sep 17 2008
Book: Sexuality, health and human rights
This ground breaking work provides a critical analysis of shifting theoretical perspectives and activist strategies regarding sexual politics and their larger geopolitical context in the twenty-first century.
Gender - Fri Sep 05 2008
SADC gender protocol to accelerate women’s empowerment
Approval of the groundbreaking Protocol on Gender and Development by 11 southern African countries after three years of negotiation is set to accelerate the empowerment of women in the region.

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