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Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)
Statistics and indicators from the government of South America's biggest country.
ComAfrica Institute, the former Brazilian Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of South Africa and Namibia – COMAFRICA, aims to bridge academic research with the implementation of foreign policy by sectors of the Brazilian civil society as a public policy.
Conference of NGOs (CONGO)
An international, not-for-profit membership association of NGOs that facilitates the participation of organizations in United Nations debates and decisions. The site provides a Calendar of Substantive Committees Events.
Humanistic Institute for Development Cooperation - Hivos
Hivos is an organisation which operates on the basis of humanist values. The organisation is committed to the poor and marginalised in countries in the South and in South-East Europe.
Idealist - Action Without Borders
Database with over 25,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 153 countries. The organizations can be searched or browsed by name, location or mission. Provides job openings, volunteer opportunities, events, internships, campaigns, and sundry other resources posted by organizations all over the world.
Information, links, campaigns and documents on a broad range of human-rights, environment and sustainable-development issues.
South African Civil Society Information Service (SACSIS)
SACSIS is a platform for policy dialogue that has been established as a news agency to channel social justice news and analysis about policy dialogue in South Africa to the media.
Tanzania on-line
Tanzania Online is a gateway to information on development issues in Tanzania. It is an initiative to address problems faced by Government officials, policy makers, private sector, civil society, donor community, researchers and academicians accessing information on development issues in Tanzania.
United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS)
Small inter-agency programme established to strengthen UN-NGO dialogue and cooperation in the fields of development education, information and policy advocacy on global sustainable development issues. Site in english, spanish and french.
A community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, governments, and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more.
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International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks
International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks

   African Descendants
   Indigenous Peoples
   Infancy and adolescence
   Sexual diversity

It is committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam. Their principels are: a) The universal and Islamic values of equality, non-discrimination, justice and dignity as the basis of all human relations. b)Full and equal citizenship, including full participation in all aspects of society, as the right of every individual. b) Marriage and family relations based on equality and justice, with men and women sharing equal rights and responsibilities.
The organisation Mukomeze tries to achieve to improve the lives of women and girls who survived rape and other forms of sexual violence arising from the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
Its main purpose is to produce, organize, and disseminate knowledge about sexuality from a human rights perspective, in order to help fight gender inequality and to contribute to the struggle against the discrimination of sexual minorities in the region.
Migrants are commonly seen as both unwanted intruders and powerless victims, but Laura Agustin own ideas work to break down this duality and think about power in different ways. Laura Agustín writes as a lifelong migrant and sometime worker in both nongovernmental and academic projects about sex, travel and work.
The Sonke Gender Justice project tries to address the social aspects of the HIV epidemic, with a particular focus on gender issues. South Africa.

Urgent solidarity needed with women in Nicaragua
Stand up and take action against poverty and for the MDGs
Selected news
Building capacities of young feminists in the economic South
Mon Aug 23 2010 - Source: DAWN
The 4th edition of the Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) training institute will be held in Southeast Asia in October 2011. The course aimed at young feminist activists from Southern countries aims to build capacity in understanding linkages between different issues and advocacy agendas, particularly those concerned with gender justice in its multiple and inter-linked dimensions.
Conference aims to promote labour equality to strengthen women's autonomy
Fri Jul 09 2010 - Source: ECLAC
Government officials, experts and representatives of civil society will meet on 13-16 July to discuss public policies for gender equality in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.
Online forum on religion, gender and politics
Tue May 18 2010 - Source: Open Democracy
Religion is playing an increasing role in public life across the globe. The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) as well as the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) are engaged in research projects on the role of religion and gender equality. To make their voices heard they set up this online forum to debate and share views.
Durban Review Conference 2009 Indigenous Knowledge Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean Rights of persons with disabilities
World Social Forum (WSF) Internally Displaced Persons Gender-based violence Poverty
Migrations Cairo +10 - ICPD +10 Migrant sex work Beijing +10: Conference on Women review
Indigenous peoples and globalization Convention on rights of migrants The gender gap in education Sexual and reproductive rights
Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Homophobia Sexual diversity and the law Migration: Hemispheric Conference
Women for peace Accessibility   

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