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The Children's Rights Centre is committed to establishing a sustainable children's rights culture in the context of human rights principles. South Africa.
Site of the Comparative Human Relations Initiative (CHRI). Information, resources, and links for people wanting to learn about why and how racism persists.
NGO sites
Asia-Pacific NGO Movement for WCAR
Asia-Pacific NGO Coordinating Committee for the World Conference Against Racism.
Black Sash
They work to ensuring the recognition and protection of citizens´ human rights. Black Sash began as women´s anti-apartheid movement opposed to the gross human rights violations practised under apartheid in South Africa.
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
CAC is a central link to a wide range of websites that either focus upon or shed light upon the Native peoples of the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. It aims to provide content and build community at the same time.
Forum of the Americas for Diversity and Pluralism
Against Racism, Xenophobia and related intolerance.
Global Afro Latino & Caribbean Initiative - GALCI
It is the objective and mission of GALCI to provide a public forum to educate, research, develop thematic programs on Afro Latino and Caribbean issues highlighting the conditions of these communities.
Indonesian Huaren Crisis Center
Organization fighting the racist violence against ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.
Institute Palmares of Human Rights (IPDH) - Instituto Palmares de Direitos Humanos
Promote Brazil’s black population human, and sustainable, development.
Ittijah - Union of Arab Community Based Organizations
Ittijah's mission is to coordinate, foster and present the common strategies of its members –both large and small— working to end the political, legal, social, economic and cultural discrimination against Palestinians in Israel.
National Garifuna Council of Belize - NGC
They work to preserve, strengthen and develop their culture as well as promote economic development of the Garifuna people.
Oro Negro
Afrodescendants Foundation in Chile.
Oromia Support Group
An organisation that campaigns for the international recognition of the extent of human rights abuses and lack of freedom in Oromia. Ethiopia.
South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)
SAHRC is an institution which derives its powers from the Constitution and the Human Rights Commission Act of 1994. The SAHRC works with government, civil society and individuals, both nationally and abroad, to fulfill its Constitutional mandate and serves as both a watchdog and a visible route through which people can access their rights. South Africa.
United Confederation of Taíno People - UCTP
International coalition of Caribbean indigenous peoples dedicated to the promotion, and protection of the cultural heritage and spiritual traditions of their aboriginal ancestors.
International NGOs and Networks
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Selected news
Racial Equality Statute in Brazil
Fri Dec 17 2010 - Source: AWID
Women’s groups from the movimento negro in Brazil are disappointed with the Racial Equality Statute recently passed in that country. Jurema Werneck from Criola, a black women’s NGO that confronts racism, sexism and homophobia, explains why.
Update on relief efforts in Haiti
Sat Jan 16 2010 - Source: MADRE
The worst earthquake in 200 years struck Haiti, causing catastrophic destruction in the hemisphere's poorest country. MADRE is working with its partner in Haiti, Zanmi Lasante, to bring humanitarian aid overland into the country.
Durban +5: Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean
Thu May 29 2008 - Source: CONGO
Brazil will host the GRULAC Regional Conference in preparation for the Durban Review Conference from 17 to 19 June, 2008.

Durban Review Conference 2009 - Tue Apr 28 2009
The only issue discussed relating to United Nations Durban Review Conference on racism seemed to be Ahmadinejad and the Euro/North American boycotters. It could have been a chance to highlight other key issues like racism against vulnerable groups such as the Roma and the Dalit or the importance of reparations for descendants of the European-Atlantic slave trade. Yet again the racist reality that is life for Palestinians was hidden beneath the political rhetoric.
Fuente: The Electronic Intifada

Durban Review Conference 2009    

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