News: Indigenous Peoples
Migration /Indigenous Peoples /Gender /African Descendants - Thu May 29 2008
Durban +5: Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean
Brazil will host the GRULAC Regional Conference in preparation for the Durban Review Conference from 17 to 19 June, 2008.
Migration /Indigenous Peoples /African Descendants - Wed May 28 2008
U.N. racism follow-up conference set for April 2009
Diplomats resolved their differences on the date, duration and venue of the Durban Review Conference at closed-door talks on Monday, the U.N. said in a statement issued overnight.
Indigenous Peoples /African Descendants - Wed May 21 2008
2009 anti-racism Review Conference
A meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Review Conference on Racism, ended in Geneva on Friday, 2 May after agreeing to postpone decisions on where to hold the review conference. Tthere was general consensus that the conference would probably take place in June 2009.
Indigenous Peoples - Fri Apr 25 2008
Climate a 'life and death' issue for native peoples
Leaders of the world's 370 million indigenous peoples are calling for the United Nations to include their voices in its future talks on climate change.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Apr 24 2008
Seventh Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Climate change, bio-cultural diversity and livelihoods of indigenous peoples is the focus of UN forum held from 21 April - 2 May in New York.
Indigenous Peoples /African Descendants - Thu Apr 10 2008
Preparatory Committee on the Durban Review Conference
The Durban Review Conference will hold the 2nd session of its Preparatory Committee on 21 April – 2 May 2008 and begin consideration of substantive issues.
Human Rights /Indigenous Peoples /African Descendants - Wed Mar 12 2008
United Nations panel finds two-tier society
The United States government is drawing fire from international legal experts for its treatment of American Indians, Blacks, Latinos and other racial minorities.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Feb 28 2008
Historical Mapuche hunger strike ends in success
After a 109-day hunger strike, Patricia Troncoso forced Michelle Bachelet's insensitive government to yield and allow her weekend passes and completion of her sentence at a work-study center.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Feb 21 2008
An indigenous language dies 'once every two weeks'
An indigenous language dies on average once every two weeks, reports Survival on International Mother Language Day (21 February).
Indigenous Peoples - Tue Dec 18 2007
Bali forest outcomes trample indigenous peoples' & local communities' rights
As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting ended, the Global Forest Coalition expressed great concern that market-based mechanisms promoted in Bali do not give enough guarantees to indigenous peoples and forest dependent peoples to ensure their rights.

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