News: Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples - Wed Jul 07 2010
Brazilian indians protest against dams
Enawene Nawe Indians in Brazil are demonstrating against a series of hydroelectric dams which are killing the fish they rely on.
Human Rights /Indigenous Peoples - Wed Feb 10 2010
Landmark decision rules Kenya's removal of indigenous people from ancestral land illegal
In a landmark decision, the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights has found the Kenyan government guilty of violating the rights of the country’s indigenous Endorois community, by evicting them from their lands to make way for a wildlife reserve.
Indigenous Peoples - Mon Jun 08 2009
Up to 100 dead in Amazon clashes says activist
Up to 100 Amazon natives have been killed after Friday's military crackdown on protesters in Peru and the situation is expected to worsen, says a Canadian Indigenous rights activist.
Indigenous Peoples - Wed Jan 28 2009
Indigenous peoples against planetary suicide
The Amazon is a unique land and its peoples as well. One of the purposes of men and women, adults, youth and children who have met in Belém do Pará in this Brazilian giant, is to report their existence and demand the respect of their rights.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Dec 04 2008
Native peoples out in cold at warming meet
Global efforts to combat climate change will lead nowhere as long as the indigenous peoples' representatives have no say in discussions to lay out future plans, say activists who are attending the international conference on climate change being held in the Polish city of Poznan.
Indigenous Peoples /Economy and Financial Affairs /Sustainable Development - Mon Sep 22 2008
World Bank excludes indigenous peoples from climate change discussions
Amazonian civil society organizations demand that the World Bank adhere to international standards by increasing the participation of indigenous peoples in meetings on forests and climate change.
Indigenous Peoples - Fri Aug 08 2008
International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
The international community now fully recognises the native peoples' right to protect their lands and live distinct lifestyles. Yet, most of the world's 370 million indigenous peoples continue to face abuse and injustices at the hands of state authorities and commercial concerns.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Aug 07 2008
Indigenous people speak out clearly on AIDS
At the multi-coloured Global Village, a huge tent next to the Centro Banamex, where the international conference is taking place, indigenous groups have a presence among the civil society organisations dedicated to the fight against AIDS.
Indigenous Peoples - Thu Jul 10 2008
Indians close ranks against dams in the Amazon
Between Bolivia's uncertainty and Brazil's haste, the Madera River Hydroelectric Complex is advancing -- and the alarm is sounding among indigenous communities and environmental activists in the two countries.
Human Rights /Indigenous Peoples - Thu Jun 12 2008
Mexico: Murder of indigenous reporters fuels hatred, division
No one has been brought to justice for the murders of two young indigenous reporters in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca in April, a case that has mobilised social activists and drawn condemnation from UNESCO.

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